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"Are you limited by your Challenges" or "are you challenging your limits"

I Live with a Neuromuscular / Spinal Condition and plan to 'Challenging My Limits' 2017 my goal was the Lake Zurich 26km Marathon Swim.

Where do I go from here? #destinationunknown

Mind Games - the extra discipline

DragonRunnerby DragonRunnerAug 7th 2012
So what has happened over the last few weeks, well I am sad to say due to a few performances, coupled with waiting for health results training has been what it should be. This goes to show that there are additional elements that need to be given equal consideration to beside the swim, bike and run. Must pay more attention my nutrition but also the mind games that go with endurance events.

The main positive over the last few weeks is my swimming but this has also been a strength and has masked my other health issues over the years. last week had a good swim in Bournemouth finishing with for me a good time and a good position for my age (2nd) in what were difficult conditions. However the main high and one that has turned around the mind games into a positive area is completing the Swansea to Mumbles Pier Swim in again sea condition that were challenging. The pier swim is one that is part of my bucket list of events.

My biking is staying static and not really sure where I am, only to know that I need some long ride in, but got to be careful of not trying to much and write of the missed sessions. The positive on the bike is I now feel the biomechanics of my condition are sorted, just got to get use of the diffent feel, it's only looks small but every little bit helps.

the run as with the bike, I have not put the mileage that I would like, but there has been a lot of discomfort in both of my ankles along with a bit of foot drop, but the good news is a few Physio sessions working on ankle flexibility means that I have now started to put in a few runs and work my mileage back up. Again must be careful to not overdo and realise that I will never make up the lost mileage and hours.

So the plan is to consolidate the training plan, and meet my first goal by staying fitter enough to make the start line. this is one of the 5 goals I have for the big day. An area of mind games that has help is to look beyond the IMW and into 2013 and given me a plan. even thou I have to be careful and not think too far ahead, but my mind say the distance is within my capabilities it may be the course that stops me, so it may mean going overseas. So look out for news of plan A for 2013. One thing is for certain I wil not be giving in to CMT, but not let the bad days get to me.
samfish01by member: samfish01, Aug 10th 2012 19:01
I am doing IM Wales (first one) and aim is to complete (Raising money for my charity and injuries mean the best i can hope for is a finish). I hope you are ok and am very inspired reading your story, i hope all goes well for you, good luck!!
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