"Are you limited by your Challenges" or "are you challenging your limits"

I Live with a Neuromuscular / Spinal Condition and plan to 'Challenging My Limits' 2017 my goal was the Lake Zurich 26km Marathon Swim.

Where do I go from here? #destinationunknown

Need to Cage My Inner Chimp .....

DragonRunnerby DragonRunnerJul 24th 2014
It has been a difficult few weeks for me, I have push my limits as hard in these weeks as I have in years gone by, however I have noticed a major change in the amount and quality of the training I have been able to complete. The main outcome that it will not be enough to take part in the Outlaw Long Course Triathlon. After completion of its sister event, which I mention later, theoretically I could complete the distance within the time frames however I have to respect the challenge and what I can realistically achieve, and with this in mind I have taken the decision to withdraw. More on how I feel about that later.

What I have achieved over the last few weeks are.

Taken part in my first ever ParaTriathlon, this was a locally organised event in Llanelli and learned a lot about this sector of Triathlon in general. There were simply some awesome athletes there who overcome their personal challenges everyday. What it did for me, was to bring home how much I am affected by my Spinal Cord Injury / Neuromuscular Condition. Where I could hold my own of on the first two legs, it was the run that shows how I am affect the most.

The following day, in fact last than 8 hours I was back at Llanelli for the traditional Llanelli Sprint Tri, which has been my normal opening event of the year, the swim and bike course were similar to the ParaTri the evening before, with the bike on open roads. Still I completed which was my goal for the weekend. I am working harder on the run leg at present which is not going well, you will not be surprised to know that there were people who were walking passed me, when I am attempting to run.

Some may question my goals, but actually this splitting my season in two this year with a separate programme for swims and triathlon, with the first having a higher swim training time so it's not an exceptionally more time required in the water.

So the following week it's a trip to Eton Dorney for the Financial Times 10k Swim. this will be the third year me to take part in this swim, there are not too many 10k around, specially in the South and this has fitted in well with what else I have planned during the year. It may be the third swim at this venue, but once again a different course than previous years, and this was a little better course. Time wise was my slowest 10k, and there appears to be a trend starting, but once again the mail goal was to complete. So job done.

Next up for me was the Middle Distance event at Nottingham's Holme Pierrepont - Outlaw Half. This was the second time for to take part in this event so I knew what was in front of me. The swim, went reasonable well, with the bike as expected. Travelling up to Nottingham I did give consideration to only completing the swim and bike, as run training was not going to plan. That was a mistake, there was no way that after finishing the bike was I not going to start the run. The first half was OK so started the second half, and thats when it all started to go wrong, the main thing for me was that I crossed the line but do not know how the strength stayed in the legs.

Another reason for doing Nottingham was a test for the full Outlaw Triathlon, the next few days was time to reflect on where I was in my training and as I said earlier took the agonising decision to withdraw from the Long Course event, this was / is the first time I have taken this step. I do not like where it has left me, I know it was a sensible decision in the long run, but it has started a period of "letting my inner chimp" rule what I am doing. This was for me obvious the following weekend in Windermere. So it turned out that Outlaw Half was my last triathlon - for 2014 at least.

Yes another challenge in the space of 14 days, so after a 10k Swim and a 70.3 mile Triathlon it was the Great North Swims 5k event that was next up. What is probably the largest mass participation swimming event which takes place over 3 days. I can honestly say that it must have only been the last 1.5k swim that I felt good (listening to the chimp again). I did however have a relaxing few days in the Lake District with the best Iron Wife after.

So why no blog over the last few months I thing you could guess the answer from above, I did a Challenge event a few weeks back - the Taf Challenge and must say thank you to Emma for dragging me around, and spend a week done in Devon / Cornwall and done a far bit of Lido / Wild Swimming.

My mind is already thinking ahead to 2015 and what could take on as a challenge, but this will need a few areas for me to consider and put in place first. Ranging from getting myself a Coach / Trainer which will help me in some areas that due to my spasticity is not getting any better. So the next few weeks will be looking at some challenges I could take on with the hope that my body will play ball with me and allow me to take the on.

I have to accept my past, but not let this Inner Chimp take hold and have me do nothing, that will not be good. So 2015 is "Operation ?"

Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the last few months

Next stop for me - Bridge to Bridge Swim, a 14k sportive style swim between Henley and Marlow.
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