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"Are you limited by your Challenges" or "are you challenging your limits"

I Live with a Neuromuscular / Spinal Condition and plan to 'Challenging My Limits' 2017 my goal was the Lake Zurich 26km Marathon Swim.

Where do I go from here? #destinationunknown

Onward I go

DragonRunnerby DragonRunnerJan 13th 2014
"I run about as fast a tortoise stampeding through peanut butter, but I still run"

My year has started with a few runs, on New Years Eve, it was the Nos Galan Runs, in Mountain Ash and a leg of the West Glamorgan Cross Country League at Margam.

My opening statement has been evident in both of these runs, but for me it was a sense of achievement, mainly in keeping to just move. Nos Galan was the first time for me to run / shuffle with an AFO which brings my foot into alignment. It was strange to cover the 5k distance as it has altered the way I run, but I did it. The weather this was not great, in fact I think you could have swum down the river of water that was freely flowing around some points of the course. More about Margam in a bit.

Even with my first run target acheived, I do not mind admitting that for the first few weeks of 2014 about having thoughts of calling it a day. The way the alignment of my weaker leg was affecting what training I was doing - this was not good. Running had become so slow and uncomfortable to move I would avoid any runs, biking - well not ridden now for a weeks as unable to put pressure on the foot, and even swimming was starting to be a chore, where I was finding that I was only pushing of the wall with my good foot.

Then out of the blue came a letter from the hospital. The contents of which I was not happy with. Well the only thing I can say is that my response must have hit home to someone, because within a day, I had an appointment with the Specialist for the following week to receive muscle relaxing injections, I now have a prescription for Neuropathic Pain Relief and a Specialist Physio appointment. So just over a week later the injections have started to work and cannot believe the improvement in my leg.

This good reaction to the treatment has meant that simple things like walking has become so much easier. So I decided that I would try and run / shuffle at a local XC run league event my club were taking part in. Having said to a few members that I was gutted a few months back to see that the men's team were in second place by 1 point, and if myself and others had bothered to tun up, this would not be the case. So this week "I played my part". As usual for me and running it was not pretty but I was determined to give my all.

The 5.5 miles would be the furtherest I have covered in a long while. Before I go any further yes I was lapped (I do not care about that) but the support I got from those lapping me was outstanding, as I was starting my second lap, all of a sudden and unexpectedly I was joined by the two club Cross Country Captains who stayed with me until I finished, thank you Jayne and Paul Arnold, also towards the end we were joined by Andrew Gilbert from Run 4 All who came back to give me support - cannot thank you enough.

This run for me made a couple of milestones, the main one is that for as long as I can remember is that I did not have to stop and rub my feet. Over this distance this would have meant 5 or 6 stops. So as a result of this run which may not have been fast I am now ready to go on for the year, with a plan on crossing that line in Nottingham later in the year.

As well as working towards the "Outlaw" the first half of this year I will also continue my triathlon coach education by moving onto "Level 2" course at Cardiff Metropolitan Universally. For me this is the cheesy bit of putting something back into the sport which has helped me to keep going. As I have said in other blogs I really would like to work not only with the members of Celtic Tri, but have the opportunity to work with some Paratriathetes. In fact I need to look into how / what I need to do to obtain a ParaTriathlon Classification and maybe enter a few events myself, who knows.

So it's get the bike back out and ride and start putting in some long swim in readiness for the openwater swims I have planned for the year. This along with shuffling around the local streets in preparation for the Bath Half Marathon will be my plan of attack for the next few weeks.

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth (Buddha), and this is evident from the support I get from the members / coaches of Celtic Tri, wearing the Red and Black means so much. What you see is what you get - but as always your support is awesome and beyond words.

Next stop for me is - Love Run 10k, Cardiff
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