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"Are you limited by your Challenges" or "are you challenging your limits"

I Live with a Neuromuscular / Spinal Condition and plan to 'Challenging My Limits' 2017 my goal was the Lake Zurich 26km Marathon Swim.

Where do I go from here? #destinationunknown


DragonRunnerby DragonRunnerJan 30th 2014
To start with I am still a little bit speechless, and the reason is I cannot get over the fact that I received the "Bill Pritchard Award" for Athlete of the Year at the recent Celtic Triathlon Presentation Evening. When you consider the achievements of the various members over last year, this was not even something I considered being in the running for (or any other award). My reason for taking part in Triathlon is a personal health issue, were I have the need to push myself to the edge of my limits and not give in and suffer my Neuromuscular Condition, awards and position are not even considered, for me it's is just about crossing that line. I am glad I did not have to make a speech because it probably would have consisted of one word - WOW. It is an honour to receive this award, I cannot carry on without mentioning the other award winners from the evening

Overall Club Champion Female - Karyss Hockin
Overall Club Champion Male - Darren Edwards
Welsh Grand Prix Winner Male - James Hockin
West Glamorgan Cross Country Division 2 Ladies Winners
Junior Development Award - Deri Stewart
Coaches Award - Paul Waite
Sporty Snaps Inspirational Award - Mike Tate
RTJ Sports Award - Jayne & Paul ‘Team Arnold’
Lifetime Achievement Award - Anne Marie Hutchison

As well as the divisional winners of the Club Championships, there are so many inspirational names above, who all provide support to the wide range of abilities within Celtic Tri.

I must not forget to add a big thank you to Crouches Jewellers of Swansea, who kindly sponsored the main prizewinners on the evening by giving some fantastic gifts along with all the other club sponsors, who help to make Celtic Tri not only the largest triathlon club in Wales but one big happy family.

As for my condition, first I seem to be responding well to the muscle relaxing injections, however the down side here is that my gait and balance is changing almost on a daily basis, this along with a reduced leg strength. At present I am not going through a good training patch, this mainly due to a flexibility issue with one of my ankles, even walking at times is not good. So written on one of my drinks bottles at present is this mantra

"Never hold your head down, never say you can't, never limit yourself, and never stop believing".

This is one of many that I start my day off with, which are normal placed on my Facebook feed. I find that by starting the day off with one small positive thought that it give me focus and can change my whole day, a small thing but has such a positive impact. A lot of these quotes / sayings the source is unknown, so I cannot give credit where it is due.

A down side on my health is that I am often feeling on my own, as there does not seem to be any co-ordination between the various specialist I get to see, which is really frustrating. I just wish they would speak to each other, they all work for the same Health Board, how hard can it be? This is made worst as I am unable to find any Support Group for my condition, apparently as it is rare, but there must be others somewhere in the world with a similar condition?

The next few weeks I have two runs planned, the Love 10k Run (Duchanne Muscular Dystrophy) and Bath Half Marathon. Training is not going well as stated earlier, and for the first time I am considering giving them a miss. I need to keep my options open for as long as I can but considering the following. The impact on my mind by not starting will not be great, but I feel it will be an even greater impact by starting and not finishing. It's going to be a strange few weeks. My long range plan is Outlaw, so with a few shorter distance events leading up I can get back on track, there may even be a ParaTriathlon in a few months as well. My first, I realise that this may seem strange, but it was a big decision to accept the fact that I was within this class in the first place.

Also over the next few weeks I need to develop some additional training were I can work on some areas that my treatment is affecting. Hopefully replacing a swim, bike or run session with some strength, balance and stretching will help with some of the issues I am having at present.

Next stop for me is - Love Run 10k Run / Bath Half Marathon (I hope)

As always thank you for your support.
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