Pump it up - Adventures of a type 1 triathlete with insulin pump
Pump it up - Adventures of a type 1 triathlete with insulin pump
Please visit my new blog here: Pump it up - Adventures of a type 1 triathlete with insulin pump

Diagnosed at the age of 5, I have been a type 1 Diabetic for over 29 years; being on an insulin pump for 11 years now. I took up triathlon in 2011 and am hooked ever since! Being diabetic doesn't stop me from doing what I love - swimming, cycling and running!

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The dreaded words: Injury and enforced rest - How to manage type 1 Diabetes when you are injured
Eva29by Eva29 Jun 20th 2015
The dreaded words by the consultant: "Complete rest for two weeks and 6 weeks on crutches". I had just received the diagnosis of a stress fracture in my femur and, instantly, my world had come to an end, too. I was 4 weeks away from doing Ironman Fr...
Five myths about exercise and Type 1 Diabetics
Eva29by Eva29 Mar 23rd 2015
Click here for my new blog:, http://t1diabetictriathlete.weebly.com/blog/five-myths-about-exercise-and-type-1-diabetics When it comes to Type 1 Diabetics and exercising there is a lot of useful information out there but equally a number of misconcep...
Challenging times: Taper, rest and recovery for a type 1 diabetic
Eva29by Eva29 Jan 12th 2014
It’s been over three month now since I completed my Ironman on the island of Elba and I feel well-recovered from it. In fact, much to my surprise, I never suffered physically that badly afterwards. Except for some blisters and sore legs (walking s...
Swim training with insulin or without? What a difference it can make
Eva29by Eva29 May 27th 2013
After 5 month of swim training with my waterproof insulin pump, I can really notice the positive impact on my sugar levels. It really surprised me what a difference it makes on post-training sugar levels by getting insulin for 60-90min during my swi...
Intricacies of racing with Diabetes
Eva29by Eva29 Apr 24th 2013
Diabetes and Triathlon - can this really work?
Eva29by Eva29 Apr 17th 2013
That's a question I get asked a lot. This month marks my 25th anniversary of being a Type 1 Diabetic. I was diagnosed when I was 5 years old so I have been living with my Diabetes for pretty much all of my life. I guess I am pretty experienced in de...
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