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My journey to Ironman 2015
My journey to Ironman 2015
I am not perticularly active, I have played Rugby from a young age and attained a black belt in kung fu in my 20's but I have never really had to really push myself in these activities.
I had a bad shoulder injury last year which ended my Rugby career at the age of 37, I was off work for 5 months and was looking for something to do to help the recovery of my shoulder, I know swimming is great for rehab, so with the olympics still fresh in my mind and especially the cycling and triathlon events I decided to enter the Warwickshire sprint triathlon in Stratford to give me some motivation to train/recover, I bought an old racer for 40 and set about a fast training plan to help me survive my first tri, well September came very quickly and I found myself lining up at the side of the pool trying to remember the chain of events that led me here.
After a great hour and a half (or so) I was already planning the next one only to realise that it was the end of the season, maybe I'd go off the idea during the winter.
Well we are close to the begining of tri season and I didn't go off the idea, quite the opposite, I have decided to attempt an Ironman before I reach 40 (Sep 2015).
The Journey began last September and the planned route began last Saturday with a half marathon as a training run to kick off this years events, This was my third Half marathon , the last one last year and the first 6 years ago, my time to beat was just shy of 2 hrs and last year it seemed a huge distance to run in one go, this year however in my mind it was only half the distance of the last discipline of my planned ironman and was no big deal.
Wel lit was tough, but my thoughts were still fixed on Ironman and it went well, I beat my time with 1.52'15, and thouroughly enjoyed it, looking forward to the Wolf run next month.


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