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Graham's Mid life crisis Blog
Graham's Mid life crisis Blog
Story of training for ironman regensberg 2010 in an athlete hampered by injury, middle age and serious lack of natural talent

Monkey glands and the elixir of youth

GrahamSby GrahamSJun 4th 2010
Bank Holiday Monday so I set off for a 70 miler with my wife, son (Ally) and girlfriend of son (Jen). Beautiful day.. crossing the old Severn bridge is something every cyclist should try at least once. The sky seems endless and merges with the vast and fast moving river surging beneath you.

I felt pretty confident as I set off at (for me) a pretty brisk pace. Coffee in Chepstow and a leisurely return to Bristol over the winding hills around Olveston. I am a finely tuned athlete ( excuse the inflated hyperbole, but I am training for Ironman Regensberg) so I fully expected to see my completely untrained son die on the hills. After all, he only does a short commute on his fixie and, although he is a pretty fast runner and great footballer, in cycling he is a novice beside his old dad.....

Pushing on up the hill, the toe-rag shot past me without even having the decency to look out of breathe..." All right Dad", he smiled spinning with the ease of a natural racing snake.

VO2 max falls progressively from around 35yrs onwards. Ally is 24yrs , I am ...a bit older. Perhaps I should try monkey gland injections- my old gran told me they would make her live forever. I dont think they are on the 100% ME banned list either!
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