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Year Of The Awesome
Year Of The Awesome
Hello All, I original set up this blog help inspire me to get back into Triathlon. I was never the sporty type up until 2006, when I got the bug! Initially it was a new years resolution and I booked derby tri for the September. I had weight to loose and fitness to build. I attended a women's introduction to tri day at Leeds to get me started and even met Fi my training bud (In the middle with Alex my partner) For years we did loads of events, achieving Olympic distance at Ripon Tri, it was awesome. We hoped of half one day, dreamed of Ironman and to ride the big Cols in France. Then work life got in the way or a least I allowed it too. I have piled on the pounds, am out of shape, well I don't fit in my wetsuit anymore and that's bad. Life has been rocky, Fi got poorly a number of times, but each time she came back fighting. Then my Dad got ill, I'm a big Daddies Girl. As you do you stay strong, my Dad passed away in September 2011 and Fi, the fighter trained right up until two weeks before she was rudely taken in April 2012. I am now back and ready to training hard, I want this to be the year of the Awesome, by training hard and achieving my goals I know my Dad would be proud and Fi would be with me in spirit, enjoying every minute.

Week 3 completed

Hannah1234by Hannah1234Nov 3rd 2013
Woo Hoo week three completed, all Rockin Body done, watt bikes done, just missed one outdoor bike from my Sportive challenge. Very happy with the week also got my Club 10 at Slimming World. Sad day Thursday with funeral of friends husband from a horrible nasty Asbestos on the lung, more annoying as my dad passed away of this two years ago of the same thing. Feel fired up ready to go on the plan for week 4. Not sure what to do after week four another round of Rockin Body? Or options are Insanity, Turbo Fire, Hip hop abs..........
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