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Epsom to Paris

Hartybeastby HartybeastJul 10th 2012
Found the ideal way to cure the blues following Outlaw, undertook a charity cycle event from Epsom to Paris over 3 days. Left on Friday lunchtime with a leisurely ride to Portsmouth, got drenched, couple of flats amongst the 7 of us, 75 miles in total. Arrived around 1930 had dinner and then caught the 2300 hours over night ferry to le Havre. Not much sleep however arrived at 0800 in Le Havre to a dry but windy day.
Followed the minor roads down towards our overnight stop in Evreaux. Had 3 front wheel punctures within 30 minutes, took tyre off but nothing evident. Found a small town for lunch around 1430 - cafe was clsoing down but the lure of Euros kept it open, fortunately town had a bike shop so threw away old tyre and bought another - problem solved. day 2 ended with a night at a F1 basic hotel and I mean basic, 5 of us clambered into the back of the support Transit and headed off for dinner, must have looked strange for 5 cyclists to get out of the rear of a transit which didnt have seats.
Sunday was dry and with the wind behing we bgan our journey to Paris. Country lanes were brilliant, French drivers much more considerate even in the towns, great fun passing through small villages at speed. Lunch at Versailles where we all regrouped and cycled the final section to the Eiffel Tower together. Cracked open the champagne and celebrated the 221 miles we had covered. The group of 7 cyclists included 2 year 10 boys who both completed the journey.
Legs felt strong everyday despite some long drag hills and often long periods into the wind on day2. Felt like a real adventure and would recommend it to anyone who fancies a challenge. Group raised around £5k for Plan UK building schools in Malawi.
Was talk of riding to Malawi next year - think they were planning on doing it on static bikes so more could join in - however up for the real challenge if it comes along.
rest of the week is a cycle ride around IOW and the Hampton Court to Kingston Thames swim. No rest for the wicked.
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Jul 12th 2012 12:51
Good work that is an impressive amount raised! I also found that French drivers are much more considerate, sadly 'car mode' is real problem in the UK.
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