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Jubilee Training

Hartybeastby HartybeastJun 5th 2012
Whilst most were enjoying the festivities , managed to get in a couple of good runs, a 10 miler and then a 13 miler, the latter was a nice run down the river the Hampton Court, also completed medium bike ride around the Surrey Hills. Box Hill looking good for Olympics, resurfaced, no speed humps and new cafe area, should make for good road racing, mind you 8 times up Box Hill is a bit excessive.
Starting to get sore left ankle, but like all men will ignore and carry on, put some extra peas in the freezer.

Quick tip, dont bother joining a gym get an allotment, digging, weeding, planting etc. works whole body at no charge, and you get fresh produce at the end.

Another big training week to follow, then will have to start to plan a taper.
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