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Olympic Hills and Father's Day

Hartybeastby HartybeastJun 18th 2012
Rode around the Surrey Hills following the Olympic Bike route, really enjoyable especially as the roads have been re-tarmaced. Covered 72 miles in just over 4.5 hours very windy so effort made probably equated to nearer 80.
Had to use the compression tights as legs completely shot at the end. Got nutrition about right mixture of gels, shots and electrolyte drinks.
Sunday suffered a hard hot 10 mile run, first 4 miles tough going on still tired legs however eased after that, got a good idea of a long run on tired bike legs.
Still 2 weeks to go so need to start to taper and ease off a bit.
Completely knackered, bits I didnt know I had ache, perhaps thats why I got a bottle of malt and some moisturiser for Father's Day - thanks kids.
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