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Outlaw Virgin

Smell of neoprene

Hartybeastby HartybeastJun 2nd 2012
Took new Blueseventy Reaction wetsuit out for a play. Tight fit and found not as flexible as my Zone 3 Aspire - never mind it was free and OK as back up. Swam at Liquid Leisure Datchett, 3 750m loops nice and easy, funny how smell of neoprene lingers for hours afterwards - or maybe I need a shower.
Water was warmer than the air temperature and was steaming when pulled down the wetsuit, evene the showers were colder thatn the water. At least the days of 12c have passed for the season, that was cold on the hands and face.
Will try another lake in Windsor next week that has 1000m loops which should help with final preparations for Outlaw.
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