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Outlaw Virgin

Waiting for the pain

Hartybeastby HartybeastJul 3rd 2012
So completed the Outlaw at the weekend, why dont my legs feel like they dont want to work anymore, usually after a marathon I cant walk down stairs for 2/3 days, but feel fine, waiting for the delayed reaction.
Might try a short run tomorrow and then back on the bike, which has just had a well deserved clean and a new front inner tube ready for the 3 day ride to Paris from Epsom over the weekend.
Convinced that the drink and food regime I used during the bike and run have helped and staying on my feet after the race rather than sitting down has helped. Stomach has calmed down and eating as normal however must keep exercise up otherwise will become a bit of a bloater.
justalby member: justal, Jul 4th 2012 08:04
I shouldn't complain - although I'm sure it'll catch up with you soon enough - unless of course you didn't try hard enough!! :)

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