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Aggainst Doctors Odds!

IMnadineby IMnadineMar 31st 2011
Aggainst Doctors Odds!
November I posted about a "serious" injury to my back. I was to stop cycling for good and to dedicate myself to stretching only! Contrary to Doctors prognosis, last week I finished a 5 stage Cycling Tour! No pain, injury never crossed my mind and at no point did I have to hold back because of my back! I am so greatful to be healed and back to racing!

We had so much fun! Can´t take anything for granted that is for sure. I enjoyed every minute of this race. From the crazy nervousness on day one, to the amazing view of volcanoes, a time trialing stage which is my passion, to the last day! I even loved/hated the fact that the legs ached every day a little more, but there was always a sweet response from them!, heart rate intensity all over the place. The scorching sun made ice water feel like heaven! Group camaraderie, words of encouregement, suffering galore! Wouldn´t change a thing.

Core strength wok is due for life, and between pilates and now TRX! I get to have amazing complementary workouts for my cycling and triathlon training! I am loving life and am very thankful for the ability and desire to keep training and racing hard! Keep on racing tough!
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, May 24th 2012 13:55
Hey IMnadine! Can I ask did the strething make a differnce to your performace and how you felt generally? I'm thinking about introducing more body balance and yoga type work into my routine (in fact making it my main focus). I've just been very run down recently and keep getting ill so need a new approach I think.
I share the treasure I found, so any athlete may benefit!
IMnadineby IMnadine Feb 10th 2011
Wow! It has been like 3 months since my back injury and my last post. In summary, I suffered what may be called a herniated disc. A small protrusion of the disc, but not big enough to be a hernia. It was so painful I was taken by ambulance to t...
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