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Going long distance, has no boundaries whatsoever. The limits of how far a human being can go as opposed to how fast havenīt even been glimpsed! -Kirk Johnson

Archive: April 2010 (Close)

Back in the saddle again!
IMnadineby IMnadine Apr 16th 2010
Ahhh! Two weeks ago Masters cycling race came along. Had a chance to go and visit some old friends who still race! But the bug just bit! Right there on the spot we decided to reunite our former cycling team! July is the next stage race. Kn...
My first Ultra!
IMnadineby IMnadine Apr 6th 2010
I had decided not too long ago that my mind is powerful and it can be trained to surpass any limitations previously set. Having said this, I went on to chase my first Ultra marathon. Anything higher than the marathon distance is considered an U...
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