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Back in the saddle again!

IMnadineby IMnadineApr 16th 2010
Ahhh! Two weeks ago Masters cycling race came along. Had a chance to go and visit some old friends who still race! But the bug just bit! Right there on the spot we decided to reunite our former cycling team! July is the next stage race. Knowing what is ahead of me and what will come along I decided it was time to hammer down.
After almost seven months of road cycling vacation I am well on my way to some awesome training. I rode with the girls last week for the first time. Being in the pack, riding tight behind someone elses tire, the pacing, the efforts, the pulling in the front setting pace, gestures to let the other riders know what is coming! I missed it all!!!
Hopefully I will be able to get myself in shape to ride a five day stage race. I have the base and the kms. I need the power and the speed! And getting used to the saddle again will take many long hrs outside. But I love it!
I dont really care for the sun exposure but I love the outdoors! Happy Training!
Tags: cycling
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