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Going long distance, has no boundaries whatsoever. The limits of how far a human being can go as opposed to how fast haven“t even been glimpsed! -Kirk Johnson

Day 3

IMnadineby IMnadineJan 5th 2010
Three days on this new journey and yesterday I was able to do my afternoon workout and my energy was great! Climate has gotten cold, we usually donĀ“t have cold weather in Guatemala. I felt kind of silly using gloves during my run. Night came and I was still very cold! It was hard to keep myself warm.

I tried a juicer yesterday, thinking this will allow me to use as much fresh fruit for my juices as possible! It took some cleaning to do after using the juicer a lot of pulp but it is worth it.

Yesterdays menu was
Almond milk and banana smoothie
Egg whites
Lentils and brown rice with a papaya and orange smoothie
Almond milk banana smoothie
Orange juice, spinach and grapefruit juice
Snacked on raisins and peanuts

I woke up plenty rested and full of energy this is great!! Healthy eating and good amount of energy! Usually on other diets plans I would feel incredibly tired when I woke up!

Todays menu:
Breakfast for today was Orange juice Papaya and frozen strawberries
Egg white omelette with fresh tomatoe
Planning on snacking on fruit
Lunch will be red beans and rice

IĀ“m feeling alert, ready for my noon workout! I also have a spinning class IĀ“m teaching this evening. Keep Healthy!
Tags: diet, health, vegan
karmenrby member: karmenr, Jan 6th 2010 09:40
Hi, Nadine.
I was wondering what kind of job you do, if I're able to do your trainings at the afternoons? It's not 9to5 kind of job, isn't?
IMnadineby blog author: IMnadine, Feb 9th 2010 15:14
LOL! I have wierd working hours! I train people early morning, then I do a part time office. Train people at noon and later in the evenning I teach spinning. It really depends on the day!
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