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Dealing with dissapointment

IMnadineby IMnadineNov 11th 2010
I often wonder when certain things begin to happen if life is trying to tell me something and I am just not paying attention? First call comes, second call and wham! Third call and this one did make its point. Ironman Florida was my A race for this year. Many obstacles came along for the trip and just didn´t make it to Panama City Beach. Not getting it I searched for another option to race.

I wasn´t going to let the training go to waste and I remembered a Ultramarathon race scheduled here in Guatemala on November 27. My main focus now became running. All was perfect until this past Sunday morning. Third Call came!

I was sitting on the bed playing with my 4 year old son. As I was standing up he decided to jump on my back and just pulled. All I felt and heard was my low back break! I couldn´t move, pain was so severe I was in tears! My poor 4 year old didn´t know what was going on and I could tell he was feeling frightened. An hour later I was taken by ambulance to the hospital where I had to spend the night. X-Rays, blood tests, and an IV for some serious pain killers and muscle relaxers. Next day I had an MRI that showed a small bulge formed on a disc and the disc had deyhydration. Something I had never heard of! I had no idea a disc could deyhydrate.

Doc released mefrom the hospital that afternoon which I really don´t recall. Talking to him, leaving, the car ride, or getting home. Doctor said to rest no exercise for a couple of days and then I could try swimming. I have to take a serious plan to strengthen my core. He said see you in three weeks. This is an Traumatologist doctor.

I decided to get a second opinion on this bulge from a Chiropractor. Ughhhh! Big mistake! All he said was that I needed to quit cycling because I didn´t have the right curvature to my spine and that this bulge could turn into a hernia. That cycling and Spinning are the worst exercise for a back that has lost it´s curvature. (Apparently from so many years fo cycling and teaching Spinning I don´t have the appropriate curvatures on the spine, never bothered me before!)He made it sound like life would be over if I didn´t stop! I know he is not used to dealing with athletes and he is old school but I just didn´t expect such a severe diagnosis.

I am not ready to quit triathlon which means I am not ready to stop cycling. It´s been a hard two days digesting all of this information and figuring a plan of action. After wollowing and feeling sorry for myself I began to tell myself that there has to be something I can do about this. Strengthen the core, become Olive skinny (Popeye´s woman), everyday yoga, everyday pilates, anything and everything at this point. Deal with the disappointment and prove my Chiropractor wrong!

For some reason life wanted me steady and still this end of the year I get that. But I am not ready to be still forever! Thank God a friend of mine who is an Ironman distance racer contacted me and told me he had the same thing happen to him in 2003 two months before an IM race. He suggested I visit the man who got him fixed! Seven years later he is healthy and racing! Today I am taking my X-Rays and MRI to this hopefully to be hero of mine so I can get fixed!
teamthinkstrongby member: teamthinkstrong, Nov 12th 2010 01:41
Hi there, how coincidental that I logged on today to read some blogs! :) I spend today in the emergency room, and wondered the same thing as you did. Is my body telling me to slow down? My chest pain was resolved as stress related inflammation, so it's nothing as serious as your diagnosis, but I can most certainly relate to your feelings. We are always on the go, taking on so many different roles! We don't get be tired or hurt, complain or give up. That is not what we do, but I guess sometimes our own bodies know better and send us a sign! Maybe it's time to slow down, reflect and adjust. :) Have a speedy recovery! :)
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