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Going long distance, has no boundaries whatsoever. The limits of how far a human being can go as opposed to how fast haven´t even been glimpsed! -Kirk Johnson

Disastrous 70.3 Race!

IMnadineby IMnadineAug 31st 2010
I am not sure how if I feel abut my past race. Frustrated, calm, or wise deciding to learn from this experience. My 70.3 race was held this past saturday. For whatever reason the race was determined to start at 12:30 noon. A race held at the beach where the wind and the sun get louder as the day goes by. Extreme conditions!

Swim started very choppy and finished even chopier! I had my share fo salt water drinks! First lap on the bike came along and as I was closing the lap the inevitable happened. Everything in my stomach started coming out! I wasn´t ready to quit my race so I asked for some friends to get me a lemon or some mineral water. Neither one were available so I had to settle for a cold can of coke. I kept on racing but my stomach did not finish throwing its´ tantrum! I kept getting sick through the entire bike portion. I guess the sugar rush was indeed a rush, I couldn´t figure out why I could still bike as I threw up. I finished my race with three cans of coke or at least the sugar in my system the liquids evaporated on the road.

I decided to call it a day in the transition area before the run. I figured it would take a lot for my body to recover if I forced it through this condition. My main race is on November, Florida Ironman. Now it´s time to think and analyze what went wrong. I really don´t know if the change in schedule messed my food digestion, if I drank to much salt water, if the water was bad (I know of at least 20 riders out of 200 that got sick to their stomacks too!), or if I didn´t train properly. Maybe I need to pay attention in detail to the eating and drinking during endurance rides? Any suggestions are welcome!

Now unto focusing for a three day stage race in cycling. Hoping this will wake up my legs!
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