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Injuries plan to keep them away!

IMnadineby IMnadineNov 18th 2009
Five days away from his Ironman Arizona race my friends gets injured. $%&####! Injury, a word we athletes hate! The good news is that we can do something to prevent an injury. Weテつエre not getting younger but we can get stronger!
What are some of the causes of injury?

1.Lack of strength
2.Poor flexibility
3.Innadecuate increase in volume
4.Poor nutrition
5.Lack of a proper warmup and cooldown
6.Antibiotics- certain types of antibiotics affect soft tissue.


Strength training

Weight training is underated in many triathlete programs. Due to the high amount of cardio hours spent in swimming, riding and running, weights take a back seat. Keeping a year round strength training program that goes in hand with the different phases of the cardio portion will minimize the chances of injury. Strong muscles, tendons, and ligaments will be able to respond to the demands placed on the body. Not only will your body minimize injury but it will get stronger. This means better climbing, stronger stroke, and faster running.
Base building - weights are in the strength phase
Buidling phase - weights are in the high rep phase (specific to triathlon training)
Peak phase - weights are in the maintenance phase
off Season- you can build weights or go to strength phase


Stretching after every workout keeps the muscles from staying shortened or contracted. It allows for faster recovery and it prevents the muscles, tendons, and ligaments from getting stiff. Malleable tissue will be able to withstand all the different motions that an athlete program demands. Pulling, pushing, extending, reaching, twisting, and absorbing the forces applied need strong flexible bodies. The motion that the body goes through in each sport will feel easier to execute because the body is able to adapt to the movement and there is no restriction due to stiff, tight muscles.

Adequate nutrition

Nutrition is not only a matter of ingesting calories to prevent bonking. It requires the proper choice of foods to keep the ideal body fat percentage, enough vitamins and minerals, replace glycogen and glucose stores and repair damaged tissue. Malnourish is not the way to keep weight off, and what I mean is cutting down so severely on calories. This in the end can be the cause of injury. If the body doesnテつエt have the right calories to perform and respond to the energy demands placed on it it will not allow the proper execution of the movements. For example, if the body is low in carbohydrates the mind has trouble focusing placing the muscles, tendons and ligaments in jeopardy. If there is less than optimum protein intake the body canテつエt repair the tissue. Muscles wonテつエt grow and heal. The bottom line is eat enough healthy nourishing calories that each body needs. Calories in vrs calories out are what manage weight control.

Proper volume increase

Beginner or advanced athletes need to start their training programs playing it smart. If we are coming back from an off season, make training increments adequate enough to allow the body to adjust. It doesnテつエt matter how many years we have been training we need to treat our bodies like we would a brand new Ferrari. The body is a beautiful, perfectly oiled machine. Treat it right at it will respond beautifully, treat it wrong and it will kick you in butt with an injury!

Hope this helps! HAPPY TRAINING!
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