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Going long distance, has no boundaries whatsoever. The limits of how far a human being can go as opposed to how fast haven“t even been glimpsed! -Kirk Johnson

Ironman a leap of faith and a work of art!

IMnadineby IMnadineDec 1st 2009
Ironman a leap of faith and a work of art!
It was 1995 when I first came across the title Ironman. I saw the cover of a magazine portraying a woman whos face looked complete emancipated crossing a finish line. I felt completely intrigued and had to read the story When I was done I said to myself, " I will do one of these before I die".

Ten years later I did my first Ironman. I come from a cycling background where races were no longer than 5hrs. I would train anywhere from 10 to 25hrs (close to racing only). I had participated in a half Ironman but only doing the bike leg of the race in a relay. I was used to hard training and plenty discipline. So I figured I could handle the switch to full Ironman distance before giving the shorter distance a try. Sounds easy.... I am not saying it is easy, it is hard work, but you can do it!

2005 came along and I decided to switch to triathlons. In my mind all I had to do was add some swimming and some running right? Wow, was I in for a surprise. I was never allowed to run during my cycling years. So the transition to running was a huge impact , literally, on my legs! Started doing olympic distance at the beginning of the year, I scheduled a half Ironman two months before the Ironman, and in november I was registered for my first Ironman. My training went from once a day, to two or three a days! That didnĀ“t bother me though.

I never trained more than 15hrs a week. Long bike rides up to 6:30hrs, long runs up to 3hrs, and 1hr of swimming should do the trick. Ok, so I did finish my first Ironman, and my attitude had a huge adjustement. It was no piece of cake! I adore long distance it is my fortitude.

Conclusion, anyone can finish an Ironman if you set your mind to it. With a minimum amount of training of at least 10-11hrs per week! The difference is inthe amount of time you set up per week will result in just finishing it or shooting for a certain finish time.

Yes I am saying if you have been an athlete for a good amount of time, if you have only done sprint or olympic triathlons you can do an ironman! I suggest a full year of preparation for it. All you need is a good program, a leap of faith and believing in yourself.

IĀ“m on my way to my third Ironman this coming 2010 I plan on getting up to 20hrs a week of training because I want to improve my time!

I THINK IRONMAN RACING AND TRAINING IS A WORK OF ART IN PROGRESS! It will come together the more you do it and the longer you stay in the sport! So take a leap of faith and go for it!!!
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