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Going long distance, has no boundaries whatsoever. The limits of how far a human being can go as opposed to how fast havenīt even been glimpsed! -Kirk Johnson

Kona, What is the perfect equation?

IMnadineby IMnadineOct 13th 2010
Ironman World Championships were held this past saturday! Through our computer and a big TV Screen, some of my fellow triathlete friends and I got together to watch the race. Each of us had our personal favorite! The race unraveled in such a surprise! It was one heck of a race! If we would have made bets on it I donÂīt think we could have figured out how it really would have turne out.

What does it really take to win Kona? Separating the pro women and the pro men race each one gave a whole different strategy! On the womans race, Julie Dibens fantastic swimmer, amazing cyclist. She started out strong, and kept going amazingly strong! Only to be caught up by Mirinda! Both of them amazing 70.3 athletes. Julie coming from winning the 70.3 Championship. Mirinda is an amazing marathoner! And the stronger marathon gave Mirinda her title on Kona.

On the mens race had a strong swim, super fast first bike by Lieto but then to be passed by Macca. At one point it became a duel between Macca and Raelert. Macca held him off and won.
What is the right formula for Kona? If a world champion is caught in the marathon, and another world champion comes from the back to win? Is it a strong bike and strong marathon. Smart bike and strong marathon. Experience? What does it all mean. Some articles suggest trainning the cycling far more to be able to get fresher legs for the run. Others suggest high mileage for the run so that the body has the ability to cope with the tired legs. All I know is those athletes are amazing! Maybe some day I can figure it out!
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