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Going long distance, has no boundaries whatsoever. The limits of how far a human being can go as opposed to how fast haven┤t even been glimpsed! -Kirk Johnson

No interruptions for training, the best motivation!

IMnadineby IMnadineAug 2nd 2010
When it hits, it hits hard! A whole month and half out! First I threw my back out lifting a 45lb plate during my leg workout! Who knows how I handled that plate but it did me in! Later during the recovery of this injury I ended up with Morton┬┤s Neuroma, I could barely walk had to get it infiltrated! Slowly I had to do some training to be able to handle ironman training. It took some patience for this process glad that┬┤s over!
I am happy to say I am on my way to my 12 weeks of Ironman training! So far with no interuptions. No back pain, no sinus, no foot ache, no commitments to keep all is good! There is no bigger motivation than having the week end and all sessions were logged in! Well maybe having a PR!
This years training is completely different I am excited to see where it all takes me. Thursdays have become a fantastic challenge. I do my bike training with a group of cyclists girls who turn up the notch big time. Every thursday is about digging deep and having a strong mind. I truly believe it all pays in the end. What can be better than riding your bike with friends while seeing volcanoe┬┤s, going down the highway to the beach, feeling the wind, warm weather, and on a flat road!
By the way I tried Perpetum made from Hammer Nutrition during my long ride this Saturday! What an amazing product! I really can┬┤t take much more electrolyte replenishing drinks for now so this is a fresh change. I rode for 4hrs and had 24 oz of perpetum drink, never felt hungry, full of energy. Even when it came down to transition time there was enough energy left! Give it a try!
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