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Road bike to Tri bike two weeks out from a race?!

IMnadineby IMnadineAug 25th 2010
Last Monday as I was washing my bike, I noticed a chip on the paint, (or so I thought! ) near the crank levers. I took my bike to the shop just to be sure.
Iit turned out my little girl, as I call it, is cracked! I really love my bike! It is a Bianchi LÚNA! Feeling really bummed and desperate, I needed plan B. A week later, I am racing a 70.3 IM!

I started doing some research and re thinking the road vs triathlon bike. I looked and looked and nothing really hit the spot! Bianchis are no longer available in Guatemala. So after 9 years of being married to Bianchi I had to make a change!

Browsing through a Triathlete magazine I stumbled upon a sweet triathlon ride CEEPO. Uff! it really is sweet! It really got my eye! Unable to find a dealer here I kept the search. But needles to say it is still in my heart for a later treat!

Saturday feeling a little more desperation I ended up in the shop again. I started looking at a LOOK road frame that looked sweet! But having a hard time with the brand change I kept browsing around the shop. And there it was! A triathlon LOOK frame calling my name! Immediately I asked the guys in the shop if it would fit me. Measurements were made, discussions came back and forth and after a while it was settled! My new bike would be this LOOK very sweet frame!

Some of you are thinking are you nuts? Switching from road to triathlon with only one week to get used to? Yep, I did it! I had to! This is not my A race, I still have two months getting used to this bike before my A Race! I have been doing a lot of riding and rollers! Still tweaking the position but some sacrifices had to be made! I look at it this way! Toughen up the mind, do the best, learn from the race and enjoy! I am not one to give up on a race due to discomfort, if I did that why the heck would I choose to do long distance racing!
This is a new journey for me! I have raced TT and it was my specialty, but TT are short duration 90km are not! I am hoping for a smooth ride and a sweet ride! KUDOS!
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