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Spin the Winter!

IMnadineby IMnadineNov 17th 2009
Imagine this.... Warmup begins to the sound of "Lovers In Japan"- Coldplay, flat road continues to the rythm of Kings of Leon- "Be Somebody". First tempo 3 minutes, "Traffic" a classic by Tiesto fires your rythm. Recover, next tempo "Requiem" by Tiesto BAM! Your heart rate is up, legs are flying, youテつエre entangled in beat, the power and strength of this tune invading you. 6 minutes long, and then recover. Tempo session on the way. Though training is taking place in a different setting. Lights are off, black lights on, you can hear the sound of cadence, pedals on their own tune being pushed by you and your fellow riders. Youre feeling like King Kong! Fit, strong, full of energy, ready to tackle every set of tempos to come. The computer on your bike lets you know how your perfomrance is, cadence, heart rate, calories, and distance. You think to yourself "Hey, indoor cycling isnテつエt that bad!"

After 13 years of teaching spinning I have come to find that it can be a great way to keep your fitness and training during the winter or due to inclement weather. Iテつエve trained as a competitive cyclist and now I train as a triathlete. Many of my weekly rides are done in an indoor setting. Leaving the long rides for outdoors on the weekend. I even find it gives me a stronger mindset. Many people donテつエt like being indoors in a gym setting. If you can pull off a hard workout or a semi long workout indoors, and keep a sane mind this will transfer to the long ride outdoors when the time comes.

Most gyms have a weekly program posted, being either endurance, intervals, strength, race days or recovery rides. All you need is enough water and a towel. Indoor riding wonテつエt keep you as cool as outdoor riding will. Indoor riding will give you the chance to do your own workout, no interruptions! As an athlete who uses classes for training I am biased, as an instructor I donテつエt mind athletes coming in and doing their thing. All I ask is that you donテつエt interrupt class, and you donテつエt use your cell phone during class (huge pet peeve). I think most instructors will agree to that, come in and share the energy the class offers, the great music, the company and do your thing.
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