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Sport specific Doctors?

IMnadineby IMnadineNov 13th 2009
Yesterday I was reading through my triathlete magazine and came across an article that talked about finding a doctor or physical therapist that was sport specific. What an amazing idea! It seems like we as athletes are presenting the need for a better diagnosis. I know I hate going to the doctor with an injury and have him tell me that I need to rest! besides the usual ice, and anti inflamatories. Old school approach I guess. In a perfect world I want to hear that I can heal my injury while being active.
I would love a prescription of specific exercises to strenghten or help heal the injured area, a specific stretch, ice, and massage. And to be able to keep my condition! Lord knows we have put plenty of hours to get where we are!

The article spoke of doctors and physical therapist having the specific ability to check out riding position, and making sure the fit is correct. This would be part of the eliminating proces of possible cause of injury in a triathlete for example. Why not go as far as checking out running form and the right shoe? Know enough on weight training and proper form and swimming technique to avoid injury. Uff sounds like our doctors and physical therapist would have to know a lot on the sport. But hey it would make the athletes life easier. So to all those doctors who practice sport and apply it to diagnosing injuries my hat is off to you! We need more of you out there!
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