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Thank God for Java and fleece!

IMnadineby IMnadineNov 12th 2009
4:30am came along fast this morning. The morning was absolutely cold! Yes, I know I live in a country where cold isn´t really cold. I guess after a while I lost my ability to handle cold weather. I lived in Indiana for five years and that was cold! But for now, this morning was really cold and a track workout was on the agenda. I arrived at 5am it was still dark and pretty windy. I looked like I was ready to tackle the Everest.
Warm up came along, drills, the main workout (not to hard my achilles is still messed up!), cooldown and home! All I wanted at the end of my training was a hot cup of Java! I headed straight to the coffee shop. Ahhhh! Nice!, hot, fantastic smell and I started warming up! At least for a while, I still had to wear a fleece to work to keep my chilled self warm! Coffee just makes life better! Not to mention a great waker uper!
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Nov 12th 2009 20:28
I totally agree. The thought of a coffee and breakfast is what gets me through those early morning sessions.
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