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The perfect diet?

IMnadineby IMnadineJan 4th 2010
High protein, low carbs, high fat; low fat, low sugar; high protein, whole grains, low fat! What is the deal! There are so many diets out there I feel many of us have lost our way. This is the time where many people decide for new resolutions in their lives. One of them is usually loose weight. How? And off we go to one of many diets offered out there. I believe it should be about getting healthy, and yes that may mean having to loose weight but it is more about changing your lifestyle. It is not about a diet only, it is about the whole packet!

I honestly think that if loosing weight is the only goal than the formula is simple, calories burned should be higher than calories consumed. This will equal weight loss. But why not take it into a deeper level. Commit ourselves to healthier eating, healthier quality, and most importantly choose what works for you!!! Experiment with what type of eating makes you feel energized and helps you with your goals. Not all people like a vegan style of eating, not all people like meat, some people canĀ“t have high fruit diets.

Most of us in this blog are already athletes but that doesnĀ“t mean our bodie are where would love to them to be. Be it leaner, loose some lbs, gain some muscle, be it fitter, energized, healthier. We know we need to eat to keep our training regime. We know how to eat during races. But are we choosing the healthiest way to do it? and to live our lives? So what I have decided to do is to try this on myself!

My goal is to stay off sugar, anything flour, anything fast food, anything fried. What will my diet consist off? Well for starters change the word diet into lifestyle. But the foods I will choose to eat are:
All veggies (and there are plenty to choose from!!!) , all fruit (have a sweet tooth?), nuts, soy and almond milk, raw honey, egg whites, legumes, brown rice, natural juices and smoothies. Believe it or not smoothies made out of a mix of veggies and fruits are amazing! For instance I absolutely love a pineapple juice, orange juice, lemon juice, raw honey and spinach smoothie! Specially after a hot run! IĀ“ve also gotten into egg white ommelettes. Made with bean sprouts, tomatoe, peas. Top it off with avocado and you have an amazing dish!

My goal is to eat healthier, keep my training, lean down, give quality food to my body. I am not going to say I will never eat chicken again! I enjoy chicken but I have decided to detox my body for a while.

I will keep posting how IĀ“m feeling, how training is going and what foods I am choosing to eat. My choice is a longer healthier athletic life! YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!
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