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IMnadineby IMnadineNov 20th 2009
I made a doctors appointment to have my achilles checked. My appointment is in Florida two days after the Miami marathon. In the meantime I am having to run very slowly, ice after every workout, stretch, and using an antiflamatory ointment.

What have I found so far? My calves are very tight and that doens´t help my condition. I had to take antibiotics not too long ago and apparently this kind of antibiotic really hurts athletes! It affects the soft tissues. I already have spoken to four people who have had problems with training and injury due to antibiotics. I need to strengthen my calves before I can think about changing my feet landing. I am considering switching my running shoes to another brand something a little harder. I have been married to the same shoe brand for tha last ten years!

I went back to yoga for the stretching and the isometric strengthening it provides. I am strengthening my calves with weights three times per week. I have also placed heel raisers on my running shoes. Some water running is in the mix. All in hopes to be able to aleviate the pain and whatever it is that is going on with my achilles. If you have any other suggestions please let me know!!!!
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