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BIG PLANS IN THE MAKING #ironjedibrasuffers
BIG PLANS IN THE MAKING #ironjedibrasuffers
2017 is a year of training building up to a personal challenge in June 2018. More information coming soon!

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Busy Week - Dragons L'Etape T minus 1 Week

Ironjediby IronjediJun 1st 2017
What a massively busy week. I headed to the South West Coast path on Saturday morning to squeeze in a run with my Sunday morning running buddy Darren. We arrived at Charmouth at 5:15 am and headed off onto the coast path to Broadchurch, I mean West Bay. The sun was just coming up an in the distance you could see the Sea Mist heading inland from the sea. As we set off Darren told me, he had never been to this part of the coast. He was in for a treat. As we started running down from Stonebarrow, the terrain felt steep. I had forgotten just how steep. We hit the first incline and Darren started running up.

"Steady on Dazzer! We walk the ups, dont worry youll get your moneys worth of exercise". The plan was to run to the far end of West Bay just before the path drops into Burton Bradstock. As we started running and walking it soon became apparent to both of us just how steep the path is in places. We headed up the steep steps to Golden Cap and then the ups and downs to West Bay. As you can imagine at that time in the morning the path was pretty empty. Darren was pleased to come and see the type of terrain we would be covering on the Twor in 3 weeks time.

We arrived at West Bay and then went up the steep incline to the top of the cliffs for a flat run to the turn around point. It was amazing how hot we had become in just a short run and how cold we got quickly as we stopped and enjoyed the view. The view would not last for long as the sea fog was starting to engulf us. A quick photo of the famous Broadchurch Cliffs and we headed back. Due to the fog and only being able to see 4 or 5 metres in front of us we took a few wrong turns on the return leg. We arrived back at Stonebarrow in 2:44 having covered 14.2 miles and climbed over 3400 ft. A great run and a real appreciation of what we had let ourselves in for. And we were back before breakfast.
Saturday afternoon I thought I better fit in a quick cycle round. Sadly all I needed to do was ride a 100km to get all the Strava running and cycling badges. I did say it was sad but these things do motivate one. I also wanted to hook up with a friend, Duane had headed back to the West Country to finish a massive running challenge he had set himself to run from Plymouth to Lichfield. It was stopped earlier in the year due to injury so Duane had decided to finish what he had started and headed off from Watchet to eventually arrive back at Lichfield just a few days later. I headed over on my bike and met him up at Pines Cafe in the Quantocks. It was great to see him and catch up, he looked very strong. He was laden down with all his kit, including sleeping bag and tent as he was wild camping this challenge too. The guy is an absolute beast of a runner. I joined him for the 7 or 8 miles down into Bridgwater. It was great catching up with him and I even managed not to ride into the heels of his feet.

Really pleased to tell you that he arrived home safely Wednesday. Well done Duane, amazing running.
Undeterred by Saturdays run, on Monday morning at 5 am I set off from Charmouth on the South West Coast path to run two marathons, 52 miles with Pete and Jon, who are both part of the Twor team. Jon had some restrictions on his day so he set off from Ferrybridge at midnight, ran to us through the night to Charmouth and then the three of us headed back to Ferrybridge where Jon would be done for the day and Pete and I would have to head back. We met Jon the Charmouth side of Golden Cap, the highest point on the SWCP. He looked fresh and had had an interesting night of running on his own. We made reasonable progress back to Ferrybridge meeting up with Dave M on the Fleet, Dave is part of our Twor support crew and is a pretty awesome runner having completed the Oner earlier this year. The weather was overcast for the morning, but massively humid and on the occasional downpour of rain, it came as a relief from the heat and I found it really refreshing. It was great chatting the the guys about all sorts of things. As we reached Ferrybridge just before 11am, Dave kindly grabbed us a Costa Coffee from a nearby shop. We sat for about 25 minutes eating and drinking and of course lathering on BetterYou Magnesium Oil for the return journey.

We said goodbye to Jon and he was headed for a walk along the coast with his family and a pub lunch. Dave ran back with us for about 5 miles. He was great company and without him and the other support crew for the Twor it wouldnt even be possible to attempt it so thank you.

Pete and I made really good progress back, it was by now raining quite consistently. However due to the humidity we didnt bother with rain jackets. What drove us on was the prospect of salty chips at West Bay. On arrival there is was pretty busy with tourists. We grabbed our chips and they were just the best, just what we needed for that final push across the last 6 miles of hills.

The final part from West Bay is pretty challenging but just stunning. Sadly we didnt get to appreciate the views due to again sea fog. When we arrived back at Stonebarrow we had completed just over 52 miles in under 12 hours, climbed over 6000 ft and burnt off over 9000 calories. What a fantastic day with friends. At the finish I felt great, no pain and I felt like I could have gone on for much longer. It was an awesome training day and a real mental boost. Just as well really as for the Twor we would have needed to add another 112 miles onto that run. When you look at it like that it does seem a very long way.

Pete has been writing a blog as we build up to the Twor and he provides a much more detailed account of our day which you can follow on the link below. Enjoy.
So Tuesday previously I would have been walking around like someone had chopped all my toes off in a whole world of pain having run such a distance the previous day. Not anymore, does this mean I am now a runner? I hope not as I dont realy like running, or swimming and I can just about tolerate cycling. My legs felt good, not necessarily fresh but they did feel good. I went for a recovery run. What? a day after running 52 miles and I went running again. I had shocked myself. I do put this down to the way I look after my body and the really particular way I help aid recovery. BetterYou Magnesium Oils and Gel are my addiction. I use them before, during and after hard sessions without fail. They work for me FACT.

I said it was a busy week. I managed to catch up with Steve or Sid, hes answers to both (@Sidowski) who came over to stay with us. Hes training for the Outlaw again this year and it seemed rude not to get him out for a run, after all he had brought his trainers. He is such a kind, friendly and positive guy. We had a great run and his training has now definitely started for the Outlaw. He has previously completed the Outlaw in a full Morph Suit and on a BMX. Yes, a BMX. Watch this space for some more crazy stuff from this utter legend.

I managed to squeeze in a second run, after all it was a double run day and headed over to Ham Hill in Somerset, a place I have never run before. It was stunning. A really great place to run and its all off road so I was in my element. If you are ever in the area its well worth a visit.

Justin H (Twor support crew) had agreed to lend me a bike for the Dragons l'Etape so I picked this whilst over there. Thank you Justin. My bike was looking a bit worse for wear and needs some serious TLC, however with all things approaching fast I just dont have the time to sort it, so he kindly agreed to lend me a Specialised Roubaix. I had a quick blat round on it and it seems pretty fast and certainly lighter than the normal bullet proof tank I ride. It does feel like Im cheating on my Kona though, after all we have been to many places together over the years and its never let me down. Maybe its headed for retirement? So bike sorted, numbers arrived and I think Im ready to roll. Just one more week to go.................................
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