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BIG PLANS IN THE MAKING #ironjedibrasuffers
BIG PLANS IN THE MAKING #ironjedibrasuffers
2017 is a year of training building up to a personal challenge in June 2018. More information coming soon!

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Dragon Slain now lets get on the Twor Train

Ironjediby IronjediJun 9th 2017
The Dragons LEtape is Slain and I will write a more in depth race report. Sorry its not a race, a Sportive Report once I have a bit more time. In short I had an amazing weekend with two good mates, Alan and Mark. We rode the Devil route which was going to be 186 miles around South Wales taking in some of the hardest climbs Wales has to offer. Clearly the route was either slightly longer or we did a few extra miles with a mechanical issue we had had. Either way we clocked just over 192 miles and over 16000ft of climbing. The day was absolutely awesome. What a beautiful part of the world and it was a privilege to be able to ride there. I smiled the whole way round and loved every mile of it. I cannot recommend this event enough. RACE report coming soon. But now onto the real business at hand.
With only one week to go until the Twor. Yes one week, I thought the nerves would have started to set in but I am remarkably calm about the whole thing, in fact quite looking forward to it and just want to get going. Unfortunately the news that we are no longer six runners, but now four runners as Martyn and Paul have had to pull out due to circumstances beyond their control. Their company will be missed over the weekend and I’m sure this will be run again in the future for them to do it another time. Im disappointed that Martyn wont be bringing his home made secret bars wrapped in kitchen foil. I don’t know what is in them but they are outstanding.

So with just one week to go, I have been writing lists of food and kit to take. The lists are endless, the food list is huge and I will only probably eat half of it, but with these types of challenges you need a really good variety of choice as your body does strange things to you. It breaks down literally and you feel like eating nothing, however those vital calories have to be consumed somehow. This is when the support crew will come into their own. They will be force feeding us at times Im sure. So training has really tailed off since my 100 mile week, Ive just ticked over with a bit of cycling and running. Nothing too big, strenuous or fast. Just ticking the legs over so I can hit the start line fresh and rested. I always find this part quite difficult and have conversations in my head that I need to do more. This coming week I have four more short easy runs to do and then Im ready to go.

For me this run is not about the distance, a medal or T-shirt. Just as well really as there is no medal, but we do have a T-shirt. After all this is not a race, this is a FUN RUN. It is about sleep deprivation training for an event I am planning next year. So a really long training session which just does not sound right really. I look forward to the before and after pictures of the four of us running. We will look far better than those supporting, as Ive always said supporting is far harder than actually running. Whether I can actually finish the FUN RUN or not doesn’t really matter, it’s the journey along the way and Im sure we will have an amazing time. Whats not to like after all, the Jurassic Coast is a stunning place to run. If you like running that it, which Im not too keen on if Im honest. I love the beauty of the scenery and the people you meet along the way. Finding out what makes people tick, what drives people, finding out what my own limits are and pushing just that little bit further. Since getting into endurance events I have met and made some great friends and really enjoy the vibe around it. Mark made me laugh after we finished the Dragons Devil. He told me he was deleting my number from his phone and if I ever have any other great ideas not to bother calling him. Hahaha
I will be taking inspiration from many aspects of my life and through friends and family as I take on the Two’r. Two people I just want to mention who will be in my thoughts are, firstly Jeff from Big Moose who I popped into see last Saturday as I passed through Cardiff on route to the Dragons L’Etape. Jeff summited Everest a few weeks back and his story is massively inspiring. He is an amazing guy who has such a big heart and has done so much for so many people. His story is just all inspiring and I cant wait for him to tell you all about his adventure.

The second person is a four year old called Freddy. On Wednesday this week at work I met a gut called Andy Vallender. He told me about his son Freddy and the troubles he has faced and still does. Freddy has a rare and life threatening heart condition and needs lifesaving surgery. This is such specialist surgery that the only place it can be completed is in Boston, America which is the leading centre in the world for his condition. Andy and his family need to raise £100000 in order to get him there for his treatment. I was really touched by what Andy told me and wanted to share this with you and reach out for you to donate and share the link far and wide and help Andy and his family get Freddy over to Boston for his treatment. The link for Freddy is below. Thanks.
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