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BIG PLANS IN THE MAKING #ironjedibrasuffers
BIG PLANS IN THE MAKING #ironjedibrasuffers
2017 is a year of training building up to a personal challenge in June 2018. More information coming soon!

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Outlaw 2013 Race Report

Ironjediby IronjediJul 9th 2013

Well what a fantastic weekend. We arrived in Nottingham late on Friday booked into the hotel and on the Saturday made our way to Holme Pierrepont. Whilst I registered the kids went on the Ski Tow, and had a great experience. After registration it was down to the swim start for a quick dip, met up with Mike who was also taking on the Outlaw and we got into the water. It was really warm and quite pleasant. After a quick dip we attended the race briefing, the sports hall was rammed full; it was sweltering hot and seemed to go on forever, regurgitating everything in the race pack. They did comment on nutrition and warned everyone about the pitfalls of overheating. Quick whizz back to check the bike and I pumped the tyres up really hard on the bike and as we left the guy on the tannoy system made a comment about letting some air out of your tyres to prevent them blowing up. I had never heard this before, but something made me go back to the bike and let some air out. As I was doing this another Outlaw asked what I was doing. I did not really have an answer for him other than ¬"the guy on the tannoy said too¬". He looked at his bike, shrugged his shoulders and walked off. We were then into Nottingham for coffee and carbs. Pizza, Pasta and Ice cream and by nine we were back at the hotel and nervously trying to get to sleep. Surprisingly I nodded off with ease¬...¬...¬...¬...¬...¬....

Sunday Morning, the alarm went off at four and I tried to remain calm getting everything ready, forced down a pot of porridge and a banana and went down to the car. Our hotel being quite close to the venue was rammed full of Outlaws and they had all got up earlier than us as the car park was empty. My calm start to the day was turning into worry and panic, thinking we would be late. We jumped into the cars and made our way there, parking with ease and on time. Time to calm again.

Mike and I said our goodbyes to our supporting families and made our way to transition. Checked the bike and I was pleased to find that my tyres had not blown. Whether they would have if I had not let any air out, I don¬'t know. Into the change tent and wetsuits on, I decided due to the massive queues that I would resist the need to go and sit on a porta loo again. We walked down to the swim start and Mike and I said good luck and goodbye, we would see each other later.

I opted for bay 2 for the 60 ¬- 85 minutes swimmers. There seemed to be a lot of people around and finding some clear water would be hard. The weather was gorgeous, the sun had come up at the end of the lake and it was clearly going to be a hot day. The usual cheers from crowd and Outlaws, and at 0600 we were off. What a start hands, fists, feet going everywhere as everyone was keen to find some clear water and get going. Almost lost my goggles within the first 50 metres so headed out towards the edge for some clear water. It helped to sight off the bank as nothing could be seen ahead due to this massive orange ball in the sky blinding me. The turnaround at the half way point seemed to go on forever. I eventually made the turn and headed back to the start, again stayed near the edge away from others. This worked really well and had an event free trip back in. Out of the water and a reasonably slow swim at 1:14:05. Straight into transition.

Changed quickly and it felt nice not to be putting on wet weather gear. Ran through the tent and I was in such a rush didn¬'t see the raised bits in the carpet, tripped and almost took three other people down with me. Sorry if this was you, still managed to stay on both feet at the end of the tent, lathered up with sun cream with the assistance of the volunteers. Jumped onto the bike and off I went. The bike course was stunning, through the predominately flat rolling roads. The sun was already baking down and you could feel the heat of it. A change in route from the previous year made a nice change. I started to follow my nutrition plan. Gel, Bar, Gel, Bar and so on. I was also using salt sticks too. Got to around half way and I did not feel well. Had a gel and felt very sick, still no time to stop. All of a sudden I was projectile vomiting off the bike. It was a bright red/cherry colour and after completely empting my stomach of everything I thought that my day was done. I slowed to around 10mph. How was I going to continue with nothing left in the tank. I continued on and managed to pick myself up. At the last aid station I managed ¬Ĺ a banana and sipped water. I flew into T2 and to my surprise there was only around 100 or so bikes there. I realised that I had nailed the bike in 5:26. Now just a Marathon to run. There was no let-up in the heat.

Out onto the run with more sun cream and a hat. I did not feel good. I was up against it from the first few steps, my body was running on empty. At every aid station I drank water and at mile 6 I managed to force a gel down. I felt better and a little bit livelier for a bit. I continued to drink water and now started to get whatever I could into me. At the aid stations of which I walked through each one chucking water over my head and body, drinking water, coke High5 and eating crisps. This system continued for the entire run. I briefly met up with Mike on one of my laps but after a brief conversation I was struggling in the heat and was not really up to socialising so just pushed on thinking to myself the quicker I can get round, the quicker the pain will stop. As I threw water over myself to cool down, I was also soaking my feet which in turn was aiding in making blisters form on my feet and causing extreme pain. For the last 6 miles I felt like my left big toe was a comedy toe from a cartoon that just seemed to by throbbing with every step. I was later to find out how bad it was.

As I hit the last mile and the run back past the lake towards the red carpet I passed a few people who were also on their way to the finish. As I approached the red carpet I saw the two boys Jake and Zac waiting to run in with me. The three of us hit the red carpet together and then the race proper was on. We had a full on sprint to the line, (me winning of course), hit the tape and it was off to the medical tent for me.

I took my socks off to reveal a swollen left big toe and multiple blisters on both feet which were already bruised. Boy this was going to hurt. Saw a couple of people in a far worse state than me and then off to collect the Medal, T-Shirt, some food and a massage. Heaven¬...¬...¬.....

The Marathon was 4:28 and my time was 11:17:51. A personal best for me. I was later to find out I had received a 2 minute penalty for drafting. Gutted by this but there was nothing I could do to change this. Now 11:19:51. We waited to cheer Mike in, and then it was the long drive home to Devon, with a Burger King stop on the way of course. Unusual for me I did not really feel hungry and was still feeling a little sick. Did not really recover from the heat for about two full days.

The next day I was back to work limping around unable to properly put me shoes on. My feet were in bits. Stupid really but I stretch after a 5 mile run at home, however in the excitement of everything I had just run an Ironman race and did not stretching at all. Stupid and I would pay for this too.

Two weeks on and I am back into training properly, with 2 weeks to go until RideLondon100 and 8 weeks to the Double Brutal. Time is certainly flying by. ¬...¬.....

A big thank you to everyone that has supported and sponsored me so far and for my family who came up to cheer me on¬ really helped, even if I found it hard to raise a smile during the Marathon.
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