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BIG PLANS IN THE MAKING #ironjedibrasuffers
BIG PLANS IN THE MAKING #ironjedibrasuffers
2017 is a year of training building up to a personal challenge in June 2018. More information coming soon!

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Outlaw here I come!

Ironjediby IronjediJun 24th 2013
With just under two weeks to go until the Outlaw in Nottingham. I ask myself am I ready? Yes of course I am. But for which race? I have been increasing my mileage on the bike. A normal long bike for me is normally over 100 miles. This is done at slower pace as I have been concentrating more on endurance rather than speed. Now this is beginning to be a real problem for me and has really knocked my confidence. Why? I hear you ask. Because I am riding much slower. I was the one who when out riding would see a cyclist in the distance, work my B$¬£*%Ks off to catch them and then cycle past the rider pretending that it was nothing, once clear of them then the heavy breathing would start and I would have to recover from the massive effort exerted, and then try and recover whilst staying away from the cyclist so as to save face. I never really knew how this felt. Well I can tell you know. It¬'s well annoying..........I wont be doing it again.

It seems to be happening to me all the time, it has happened four times in the last 10 days. I know exactly what¬'s going on and what it must have taken the guy/gal who¬'s just past me. At first I found myself thinking ¬"right, I don¬'t think so¬". I would then chase them down wasting energy, and for what? Nothing; everyone has their own abilities, goals and dreams. Mine is not to catch the person in front of me. But to be the best I can. To put everything into it and achieve what is best for me. That¬'s why triathlon is so great. It¬'s not about the race against everyone else. It¬'s about the personal race with yourself. Everyone who takes the step and stands at the side of the lake, sea or pool has achieved more than most by just having the balls or female equivalent to have a go. So well done to you all.

Often forgotten in the chase for personal glory is the support network behind every triathlete. As my wife keeps telling me! She has spent a number of years following me around, putting up with training, my moods, spending our weekends away, not on European city breaks but in hotel rooms standing for hours to catch a glimpse of me as I whiz by. (In my mind anyway!). She has been really patient with me this year and I may take a sort of semi break next year to maybe visit some of these European cities next year. As one of my friends suggested, Just go and pick Ironman events in cities abroad and kill two birds with one stone. Although this sounds like a plan, she deserves a break. So for all those Ironman/Triathlon Widows out there a massive THANK YOU.

So back to where I started Outlaw. Trying to fit in last little bit of speed work. This has gone well. Some speedy runs, a little bit of Turbo and two visits to Vobster Quay for my first open water swimming for the year. What a great place to swim! Calm and clear but a little on the chilly side. I went up there today and almost had a case of lockjaw. Apart from that if you live nearby and want some excellent open water training then go and take a look. Roll on Sunday for a week of Taper and Carb loading¬...¬...¬...¬...¬....
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