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BIG PLANS IN THE MAKING #ironjedibrasuffers
BIG PLANS IN THE MAKING #ironjedibrasuffers
2017 is a year of training building up to a personal challenge in June 2018. More information coming soon!

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Two'r - Lets have it!

Ironjediby IronjediMay 15th 2017
So five weeks today and the team of six will head off from Charmouth to cover an out and back loop to Studland and in the process cover 164 miles or just over 6 marathons in a Oner or should I say Twor. So it’s a nonstop run, or should I say run, jog, walk, crawl. Often described by the team as a FUN RUN. We will have a tracker link so people can follow our progress and spend two and a half days watching a dot move slowly along the beautiful South West Coast Path. As you can imagine the Coast Path is far from flat and we will climb over 20000 ft of ascent. We will be supported by an amazing crew which I will mention later.

Just to put this sort of mileage into prospective here is what 164 miles looks like.
Over 6 Marathons
The equivalent of running from London to Exeter
264 Km
26 x 10K runs
52 x 5K Park runs

And what does 20000 ft of ascent equate to?
Well there is a rather unique mountaineering challenge called the Seven Summits which is when someone Summits the highest mountains in the seven continents. They include Aconcagua, Denali, Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Mount Vinson, Puncak Jaya, and Everest.

So we will climb somewhere between the height of Kilimanjaro at 19,341 ft and Aconcagua at 22,841 ft but without the altitude.

You can read about the Seven Summits on the link below.

Let me introduce the SUPER SIX

So let me introduce the team to you (sometimes referred to as the Super Six). All I can say is I am pretty privileged to have such awesome mates. They were hand selected to take on the challenge. I have purposely surrounded myself with superbly talented runners all of which are younger and fitter than me and when things get tough they can pull me to the finish. So Im the least experienced runner and the oldest of our group, but by far the most handsome.

Mark Dodgson

Mark Dodgson, a software engineer from North Wales. Mark got into endurance sport simply as a progression trying to find his limits both physically and mentally. He has taken part in numerous triathlons and running events moving up to Ironman distance and beyond. He completed and won the continuous Double Iron distance at Enduroman, came forth at Brutal Events continuous Triple Iron coming (and he slept for 7 hours with a stomach issue, he was in the lead prior to this and was on track to take the win for sure), the Ring of Fire Ultra and the Enduroman 200 mile ultra (continuous). This year he is set to return to take on the Brutal Events Triple Iron again and will be one of the main contenders.
Marks favourite race snack is a Chicken and Mushroom Pot Noodle, the food of Champions apparently. His personal inspiration comes from his daughter, when he sees her face cheering him on and the interest she takes in his races, he secretly hopes she will follow in his footsteps.

Jim Page

Me Jim Page from the South West, all very boring really and I don’t like to talk about myself as I find the whole attention thing quite embarrassing. So in short I was once an 18 stone alcohol drinking, food driven slob who did not exercise at all and was quite unhappy. As I approached being 30 years old, I decided enough was enough and wanted to try a Triathlon. One thing led to another and I now also seek to find my limits mentally and physically although I don’t think we have any if im honest. I get an enormous amount of support from friends and family and in particular my amazing wife Wendy. I take great strength from her positive outlook on life, her commitment to her family and her mental strength to overcome everything thrown at her. Without her I would be half the man I am.
My favourite race snack involves anything with Meridian Peanut Butter in it, actually I can just eat it straight out the tub. You may have read my previous blogs so you know what Ive done, if not have a read of some of my past race report from the contents page. Im building for something BIG in 2018.

Pete Scott

Pete Scott lives in Rural Gloucestershire and works in construction. He got into the running scene quite late in life at 32 years old. His boss and running mate started pushing the distances from 5k runs which ultimately led into ultra-marathons and then in 2014 Pete took on the Oner getting timed out at 62 miles after getting lost in the dark. Undeterred he returned to the Oner in 2015 and smashed it out the park finishing just after me as I flew past him in the last 200 metres - jokes. Pete has gone on to complete further Ultras and a 100 mile run called the Robin Hood Ultra last year. He is heading back to the Robin Hood Ultra this September.
Petes favourite race snack are Nuts, the saltier the better.
Jon Regler

Jon Regler from Dorset is the Director at Astral Couriers. Jon got into Endurance sports after being first a mountain biker and then a kite surfer and in 2006 swapped to running. Jon runs to escape and for reward, he is fascinated by seeing what his body is capable of. Currently Jon has no other races booked but has his eye on a return to the Cotswold Way 100 and the Arc of Attrition.
Jon favorite race snack is Pepperami, salted cashew nuts and Salted Cramel GU. Jon is inspired by Mike Wardian who never fails to amaze him, and anyone that smiles in a race :-)
Jon biggest challenge to date was UTMB 171km around Mont Blanc with 10000 metres of climb last year. He got round in 41 hours and was placed 756/2500. He decribes it as insane!

Paul Beechey

Paul Beechey is a Database Developer from Reading. He like me was a lazy fat smoker and something had to change for him. He did a few marathons and then an Ironman, discovering ultras three years ago and the rest is history. The reason he does this crazy stuff is to punish himself for what he did to his body in his 20s, apparently this is a joke. He likes to push himself to the limits.
Paul had a bad start to 2017 with his first DNF but has massively bounced back with winning the Oner ultra this year in 17 hours 37 minutes. He has the Grand Union Canal Race GUCR coming up very soon and before the Twor (probably using it as a warm up for him, the weekend before the win at the Oner he ran a race covering 86 miles, he is clearly slightly unhinged). He wont be finished after the Twor and has the Kennet and Avon Canal Race, Liverpool, Leeds and SPARTAHLON in Greece to look forward to.
Pauls favourite race snack is Pork Pies and Pepperamis during races. Bulmers Cider pre and post race. His inspiration is his kids and he always wants to be strong and fit for them. Pauls biggest challenge to date is SPARTATHLON in 2016 by a country mile.

And last but no least is Martyn Odell.

Martyn Odell is a freelance Endurance junky/chef/blogger and lives in Switzerland. He had a pretty unhealthy lifestyle working as a chef, smoking and drinking far too much. Martyn hated himself as he was once a fit rugby player before his demise. He signed up for a triathlon and it escalated from there quite quickly. 3 years later and he has completed many Ultras, a 100 mile race, a Double Ironman and cycled around the perimeter of England in 2 weeks. Martyn has found a real love for running, he loves running on trails with no fancy kit and just finds it as an ultimate escape. He makes a lot of his life choices and decisions whilst out running, which could explain what he has signed up for later this year. He is taking on the Brutal Events Triple Iron in September.
Martyn is inspired by his friends who have real lifes and real jobs and who still manage to fit in training and racing. His biggest challenges to date are his round England cycle ride of 2500 miles in 14 days and completing Brutal Events Double Ironman last year.
Martyn is doing the Twor and Triple Iron for three charities. The link is below. Before we really knew each other he agreed that if I completed the Triple Iron in 2015 then he would take it on the next time it was run and do it for the same three charities. True to his word hes doing it. If you can spare a pound or TWOR then please sponsor him on the link, thanks.

Meet the Support Crew

The super six are great but the true heros are going to be our support crew. Without them this challenge would not be possible. They have all agreed to give up their time and support us over the 2 ½ days, to look after our every need and want. I would like to thank them on behalf of the Super Six. The guys are awesome.

From top to bottom we have Mr T (Phil), The Brutal Events Squirrel (Justin) - what have we let ourselves in for. Ben (Oner vet), Dean (Oner vet), Rab (Oner vet), Dave (Oner vet) and finally Karl (beer).

I will share our tracker link from Open Tracking nearer the time. Enjoy the trails and thanks for reading.
Two'r - Lets have it!
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