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BIG PLANS IN THE MAKING #ironjedibrasuffers
BIG PLANS IN THE MAKING #ironjedibrasuffers
2017 is a year of training building up to a personal challenge in June 2018. More information coming soon!

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Ironjediby IronjediJan 21st 2016
Normally I bore on about racing and events and not much else. Dont get me wrong this blog will revert to this but I just wanted to reflect on something I don’t normally share. My Mum Ann sadly passed away in September last year unexpectedly. This devastated me and the rest of my family. I really appreciated the support given by friends and family at this difficult time. We head towards what would have been her birthday in June and I know this will be a hard time for us all. She was an amazing mum in many ways, she was passionately stubborn and fully committed to her family. Maybe she passed this through her genes to me which might explain something about myself. She is very much missed. Thanks for everyones continued support xxx
2015 ended on a high, completing the Brutal Events Triple Iron Triathlon in September. I finished in 2nd place in 58 hours 21 minutes. Supported by friends and family along the way and with new friendships forged, the year came to a close.

2016 was a whirlwind of very little racing, in fact no racing of any kind. Well nothing you could officially call a race. It was a year that passed with the flicker of an eye and brought many tears due to family tragedies and still does.

In January 2016 I headed up to Cardiff to run on the Taff Trail with Adam P. We headed out first thing on a cold Saturday morning. We ran to Brecon and then headed back to retrace our footsteps aiming to arrive back in Cardiff having completed 100 miles on foot. In our stupidity the Brecon Beacons kicked our arse with a selection of all the weather you might expect in the Brecon Beacons during the winter. Cold wet and tired we ended the pain at around 6am, having completed 78 miles and headed home to warm up, sleep and eat. It was an awesome experience spending time Adam and we had many laughs along the way.

In March I headed back up to Cardiff to complete a half iron with Matt P as part of his record attempt of 30 half irons in 30 days. I joined him on day 23 and I couldnt believe how fresh he looked. He kicked my arse on the half marathon, leaving me for dead in the last couple of miles. He went onto finish the 30 half irons on his birthday and in the process raised loads of cash for his charities as part of his 100K Challenge. See below.
I got my head down after this, and began training with my step son Jake who wanted to ride from Lands End to John O Groats and then back to Lands End unsupported carrying all our kit. Training for this certainly helped the months roll by quickly and on July 2nd we departed from Lands End arriving back there 14 days later after 1837 miles on the road. What an absolute blast. Again we were massively supported by friends and family along the way. Jake raised well over £3500 for World Bicycle Relief. Thanks to all the friends who put us up for the night and fed two stinky lycra clad tired people x
Later in September I joined Mark Y on Day 9 of his Deca Ironman in North Wales -The Ugly. I joined him and Mark D on what was probably the worse whether throughout his challenge. We battled through strong gales, rain and cold temperatures finishing his penultimate day at around 05:15, a quick sleep of one hour in my car (a very small hatchback and certainly not suitable for sleeping in) and he was up and at it again on his last Ironman. The man is a "machine". Clearly that was not enough for him so this August he will be smashing 30 Irons in 30 days. Read about it and his Deca on the link below. Congratulations to Mark D who also completed a Quad Iron supporting Mark, aptly named Doddi's Quadie.

I went straight into supporting Brett Horton at Brutal Events Double Iron which I am pleased to say he finished with a strong time. There were many times I had my doubts to be honest but he certainly proved me wrong. It was great chasing him down Snowdon at speed like a mountain goat. Again a great weekend with friends which really helped me personally.

Just to finish the year off and as the winter was about to set in I again hooked up in Cardiff with Adam P to do another run on the Taff Trail. Another attempt at the illusive 100 mile run. We ran from Cardiff to Merthyr just to get a portion of chips and back again covering 64 miles. They were good mind you! We stopped 'chucked it in' at Cardiff as the temperature had become just far too cold and the lure of a hot meal and a normal nights sleep was just too much.
2017 has begun and I have some big plans in the making. Im really excited about building for a pretty big endurance challenge set for 2018 to raise vital funds for some amazing causes.

I have started building for the 2018 challenge. This has included running and occasionally cycling. Now the Spring has arrived my cycle mileage is starting to increase. At some point I will start swimming but that can wait until after June.

I have spent some time trying to sort the logistics for the challenge, planning routes, sorting crew, sorting sponsorship, collaborating with Mark Whittle from WhittleFit Triathlon Coaching, sorting a sports masseur, Thank you Tanya, planning websites, media, venues, kit. The list is pretty endless and quite time consuming. Thanks to Jimmi N from Attacus Cycling Clothing for helping me with this.

I have my first two tests of mental and physical fitness coming up in June this year. My first test at the beginning of the year will be the Dragon Ride L’Etape Wales, Im riding the 305km route which is set to cover some of the best cycling climbs in South Wales. I’m riding with a couple of mates Mark Y and Alan R, both pretty insane athletes and strong cyclists so I better get in shape so I don’t slow them down. Mark as stated is doing 30 Irons in 30 days and Alan is taking on the Brutal events Double Iron in September. You can read Alans on going blog on the link below about his many extreme fundraising challenges as he builds for September.

At the end of June I decided to do a run which a few friends had talked about but always in a sort of joking way. I bounced it off some fellow unhinged friends and we now have our own small endurance running event happening very soon. T shirts ordered, Check points, tracker, food and support crew arranged. I can only describe it as a “fun run”. It will be six mates spending a rather long weekend together watching each other destroy ourselves. It was born from Brutal Events Oner Ultra Trail Run which begins at Charmouth in Dorset. The Oner is a 82 mile run along the Beautiful South West Coast Path. You have 24 hours to complete the run and cover over 10000ft of ascent. I cannot recommend this race enough. Claire S from Brutal Events has been great helping us get this event sorted.

So what are we doing? You guessed it! The TWOR which gets its name from the Oner but we are going both ways, so its 164 miles and over 20000ft of ascent non-stop. Six marathons non-stop. Heres a short video about it which you may enjoy.
For now I’m pretty stoked to be backed and supported by some awesome individuals and companies. Thank you all.

Attacus Cycle Clothing
Whittle Fit Triathlon Coaching
Tanya Lewis (Sports Massage)
Sleep When Youre Dead
Blue Seventy
Meridian Foods
Science and Fitness

I look forward to watching the year develop as friends take on some extreme challenges. Good luck and stay safe everyone. A quick shout out to Claire from Brutal Events who starts her first of two Deca Irons she is doing this year and Jeff Smith from BigMoose who is currently safely back at Everest Base Camp hoping to summit Everest in the coming weeks. Both worth a follow on Social Media @Brutaleventsuk and @everestat53
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