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Tin Man
Making a decision whether to target and Ironman in 2010 at the ripe old age of 42!

Sterted tri last year just before I was 40, probably as a bit of a mid life crisis.

Thought I would use this to set out my thoughts, plans and general feelings.

Winter blues and week 10

Kenwood Triby Kenwood TriFeb 17th 2013
Just finished week 10 of the training cycle that will end at the Outlaw!

11 hours exercise, all went weel although feeling a little sore! Just feel overcome with a dose of the winter blues! Which is shocking as it sunny (a bit cold!).

I was supposed to donate platelets this morning but have a blood infection which may explain the lethargy over the last couple of weeks! Never really dragged me down just found things taxing!

Anyway need to pull myself together, focus on life! Realise that I am very lucky!

Roll on week 11 and the start of the build phase!
Is it strange that when you feel tired your body throws in a brilliant session?
Kenwood Triby Kenwood Tri Feb 13th 2013
As I left work yesterday I felt drained. The day job had been OK, not too taxing but I am aware that work is building up (which is a good thing but.. it could affect the training). I swam in the morning (a modest 2.5k) and was all for chucking i...
Lane etiquette?
Kenwood Triby Kenwood Tri Feb 12th 2013
Morning, just finished one of my weekly swim sessions and a thought struck me! Swimming is very much like driving a car. There are those who obey the strick laws, overtakling smoothly, staying in the appropriate lane and just letting the world tu...
3hr turbo!
Kenwood Triby Kenwood Tri Feb 9th 2013
First really long session on the turbo. Trying a fueling strategy, energy drink, caffein drink and energy bar. Felt really strong even at the end. Average speed was marginally higher... Woop woop all goes well. If I can just avoid the cold that is...
I want food!
Kenwood Triby Kenwood Tri Feb 7th 2013
As my training time increases finding myself scavenging around the house and office like some form of Jackal. Checking peoples desks as I walk around to see if there is any surplus (or unwatched food) available. It is a real challenge to eat heal...
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