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Tin Man
Making a decision whether to target and Ironman in 2010 at the ripe old age of 42!

Sterted tri last year just before I was 40, probably as a bit of a mid life crisis.

Thought I would use this to set out my thoughts, plans and general feelings.

Is it strange that when you feel tired your body throws in a brilliant session?

Kenwood Triby Kenwood TriFeb 13th 2013
As I left work yesterday I felt drained. The day job had been OK, not too taxing but I am aware that work is building up (which is a good thing but.. it could affect the training).

I swam in the morning (a modest 2.5k) and was all for chucking in the 45 minute run for pancakes and a quiet evening. BUT I got home was on teh point of getting changed and decided to go out for the run!

As I set off a funny thing happened, the general lethargy left me and I found myself running strongly (good posture, abs pulled in, shoulders relaxed, lifting my knees up etc).

43 minutes later I got home feeling refreshed and in excellent spirits, the average run speed was improved whilst the average heart rate was within the limits!

So maybe this goes to show that on those days you feel blue and tired, pull on the training kit! I certainly surprised myself.
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