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Tin Man
Making a decision whether to target and Ironman in 2010 at the ripe old age of 42!

Sterted tri last year just before I was 40, probably as a bit of a mid life crisis.

Thought I would use this to set out my thoughts, plans and general feelings.

Rest day! and Pilates!

Kenwood Triby Kenwood TriOct 30th 2012
In week 4 of the big build up, managing to just about control the modest training with my day job. I know I need to get my head sorted out once the training really does start to increase.

Planned a complete rest day on Mondays and sometimes feel like I should be training but I know it is for the best. On top of this I was away for the weekend, struggling to get motivated to go for a run.. Its cold, its getting dark... All the standard excuses.

The funny thing is I love training, feeling really positive since I made the commitment to the Iron distance and actually focused on training!

As an aside actually started a couple of pilates classes. One group and a set of one 2 one's. Not being doing them for very lomng but feeling the benefit already (unless this is my brain kidding me). Finding my posture better (in the pool and running), less aches and pains..

Come on Hej, find the motivation to get out there running!

Speak soon

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