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Tin Man
Making a decision whether to target and Ironman in 2010 at the ripe old age of 42!

Sterted tri last year just before I was 40, probably as a bit of a mid life crisis.

Thought I would use this to set out my thoughts, plans and general feelings.


Kenwood Triby Kenwood TriJan 18th 2013
So here I am, embarking on a journey that should see me at the start line for the Outlaw on 7th July. Uop to now training is going well, probably the only constant, consistent thing in my life at the moment.

Building up the training levels (along the lines set out in the Joe Fink book Iron Fit), week 6; 9 hours. Just finished a 2.5k swim and looking forward to a 1 hour run tonight! In the snow!

Is it safe to run in the snow? I read an article the other day that suggested ruinning in snow and on unstable surfaces to some extent helped with propriception! So anyway whilst friends are out for the night in the pub I will be wrapping up warm(ish) and heading out into the parks and woods of Sheffield!

Over the past few weeks I have thought more about the Iron distance, I am sure it should be something I should be worried about but 6 weeks in to the 30 week training plan I am actually enjoting the feeling of being fitter than ever, being relatively injury free and looking forward to that day in July when I will achieve something amazing!

Snow... who cares!
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Jan 28th 2013 13:39
Good attitude! Running in the snow is fun, and Sheffield has lots of great place to run and lots of hills! Hope your training continues to go well.
Kenwood Triby blog author: Kenwood Tri, Jan 30th 2013 10:40
Thanks Sarah, the only problem with this snow was it turned to sluch and running without my glasses meant I hit some pretty deep puddles!
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