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Tin Man
Making a decision whether to target and Ironman in 2010 at the ripe old age of 42!

Sterted tri last year just before I was 40, probably as a bit of a mid life crisis.

Thought I would use this to set out my thoughts, plans and general feelings.

Tough day at the office

Kenwood Triby Kenwood TriFeb 2nd 2013
Had an early morning turbo sesssion. 2 hours Zone 2, nothing too taxing!

Foud it mentally tough, couldnt get the RPM much above 80 or so but managed to stay at a constant pace! I suppose this is as much about training the brain as it is the body. Come July I am sure there will be moments when I will just want to give up but rembering these cold dark mornings will hopefully get me through the day!
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