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Lisa B
Lisa B

week startin 31st Jan

LisaBoardmanby LisaBoardmanFeb 1st 2011

Started on Monday with a 1700m swim followed by a fast 5k. Swim was 340 warm up, 340 bc, 340 fc with pull buoy, 170 front with flippers, 170 back with flippers, 170 side with flippers, 170 right arm up, left back.

Went for the usual cycling speed session with the club - consisted of 2 laps warm up, 3 sprint laps (6 sprints) two laps cool down. Total 28k. I wore my hr watch but have no idea how to read it. Tiny Big Dave was out showing off on his new bike....NICE! The saddle is as tall as me! I wonder who will have a new bike next week?


Had rotten swim 2550m. Timed my 750m pace for entering triathlons and was 13.49. Not bad for me. Just put me in open water and that will increase by minutes, maybe hours even! Think I'll probably stick 15mins down when entering pool races. The rest of the swim was a drag, just threw together drills as I was swimming. I had no power in my arms today for some reason. On a positive note I was glad to see the man who swims with the ripped shorts got a new pair!!

Went for 16k cycle in the dark with Patrick - who says romance is dead? Very annoying how he is 100% UNFIT but still has the power to beat me. I'm gonna put some fertilizer and grass seed in his dinner from now on - grow them hairs on the legs looooong - that'll slow him down!


Started Wednesday with one of Dinny's kettlebell classes. Just finishing warm up and who walks in...... Liuwe and his wife! Yikes! They must have enjoyed it cause they're coming back next week 'Double Yikes!!!!'

Liuwes run session was nice for once. Warm up, 40mins slow steady run, 5 by high knees, heel flicks, sprints followed by cool down and some mad squatting exercise that made it difficult to walk after:(


Myself and Caroline met Liuwe for coffee and chat to go over our training schedule/plans for 2011. Got good insight into a lot of stuff - the man is a fountain of knowledge and so honest. No mickeymousing - just says it as it is which is exactly what you want. He reckons we may be doing a bit too much and should take it back a bit. Sounds good to me. Also informed me of how tired I look! Thanks Liuwe!

Too rotten outside to do any outdoor training so went for a class of kettlebells! Different class - working hard on different muscle groups! I found it tough enough!


Woke up this morning banjaxed! Caroline gave me a lot of abuse when I wouldn't go swimming but I'm not scared of HER! (much). Gonna take today off!

Sat + Sun

More rest days - took it very literally and spent the most of these days in bed. Migraine - could slice my ears of with knife! Gonna be so refreshed tomorrow!
Lisa B
Hi Lisa Boardman here. I've been cycling for a fair few years now and have been doing triathlons for 3 years. I joined Fingal Tri last year and it has been a great way of meeting like minded people because most friends/family just think us triathletes are off the wall. I'm not really into competing to win, more for the enjoyment of three disciplines and the craic! I train mostly with BFF Caroline which is perfect cause we are free the same hours for training and are pretty much the same level of fitness. She also is great for entertainment! And NO she's not my sister/twin and defo not me! Very proud to won best female sprint time and olympic time in Fingal Tri for 2010.

I'm sure the blog will be hit and miss when it is updated. I think I prefer facebook!
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