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Lisa B
Lisa B

week starting 7th Feb

LisaBoardmanby LisaBoardmanFeb 12th 2011
I'm writing this all from memory today so may not be too detailed.


Started this week with speed cycling session with club on the ring road. Was a bit of a slow one cause still not feeling great, but good to be back out.


Morn - Did a slow 10k with Caroline

Eve - Off to swim session in NAC with Liuwe. Did warm up, kicks on back and front (can't remember how many) 10 x 50 off 1 min and 5 x 100 off I dont know what. Learned from Liuwe that my head moves too much in the water and should try using a snorkel???? Not bad considering I was expecting him to tell me to get armbands.


Morn - Kettlebells with Dinny as usual. Great as usual.

Eve - Fartlek with Liuwe was fantastic(not) Started with warm up, 5 x knees up, heel kicks, sprints, 2 x 2mins 3 x 90 secs fartlek cooldown and mobility/stretches (including the weird squatting thing)


Slow 10k again - legs nicely tired from last night


Cycled to duathlon course with Caroline and did it(and a bit extra cause we went wrong a few times). I've lived around here my whole life and never knew these roads existed. Cycled up run course hill with a struggle! Caroline got a puncture so we decided to be independent and fix it ourselves - got the wheel off, the tube off, tube in and realised we had no pump! Doh!


Met a few of the lads and Sheila for a test run of the duathlon course. Done one lap slowish, one lap mediumish - then to the hard part - the run. We all started off laughing and slagging, but by the time we were half way up there was no talking, but lots of breathing. I'm curious to see if Daves heartrate will reach the 300s on this hill. Coming back down was very weird - Fergus did say to lean forward on a downhill, but that wasnt working for me.

Went for one more lap at fast pace and it hurt! Not looking forward to doing the duathlon now! I think I would have been a bit fitter in March. Really really not looking forward to wearing the trisuit either!!!!

Sunday - rest day/clean house day
DaveMilneby member: DaveMilne, Mar 1st 2011 09:26
have we stopped with the updates boardman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lisa B
Hi Lisa Boardman here. I've been cycling for a fair few years now and have been doing triathlons for 3 years. I joined Fingal Tri last year and it has been a great way of meeting like minded people because most friends/family just think us triathletes are off the wall. I'm not really into competing to win, more for the enjoyment of three disciplines and the craic! I train mostly with BFF Caroline which is perfect cause we are free the same hours for training and are pretty much the same level of fitness. She also is great for entertainment! And NO she's not my sister/twin and defo not me! Very proud to won best female sprint time and olympic time in Fingal Tri for 2010.

I'm sure the blog will be hit and miss when it is updated. I think I prefer facebook!
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