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Letting go - Recovery Phase Part 2

Mariaby MariaAug 2nd 2015
Made what looked to be a lovely cup of tea the other morning then stood looking at it realising that life on crutches is going to be tough. How to transport said cup of tea across the kitchen, get to work, navigate the poolside, etc, etc.
To be honest, the first few days of being on crutches, with sore foot all tucked up in a big air cast was a bit of relief as moving about became pain free again, and then......hands, shoulders and good leg all decided to let it be known they weren't happy with the unaccustomed work and there was the tea dilemma and the complete annoyance at having to take crutches on and off at least 20 times when cooking dinner, etc, etc. So, what to do? How about acknowledging that the whole thing is really, really tedious and annoying and then let that feeling go. Again, difficult to do but so empowering - you have chosen to not let those frustrations get to you. Another thing to deal with is people helping - do you accept, do you decline, do you get frustrated because you need help, do you need help but can't accept it? Again, there are choices and you can choose what you are going to do - you may have to damp down your ego and bite your tongue at times, but help is good, it shows there are people out there that care about how you are doing. Having said that, it wasn't so easy to accept help with the supermarket trolley from the more elderly, frail looking volunteers. But you do accept and it's not so bad being the recipient of a random act of kindness or two.
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