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St. Louis Based 'triathlete' used to train crossfit/SEALfit for 2-3 2011 was introduced and fallen in love with sport of triathlon. On top I also have practiced kendo since about 2004, as well as Tang Soo Do, aikido, and tai chi all since 2011. If you'd like to join me for training session or laugh at how slow I usually am please feel free to contact me. Thanks for visit!

Aikido and Swim

MarkChaoby MarkChaoFeb 18th 2012
Had planned on taking it relatively easy with nice easy bike and aikido. Aikido went no problem though I know I suck! But at least got to learn how to breath better and relax, both of which I need to work on for everything. Last second decide to swim and thanks Nina Cheong for pushing pace and letting me know my kicks, not my stroke are cause of my swim woes. I don't think I've swam so hard in my life before to keep up and actually more exhausted than most of my normal swim sessions of about 1 mile though probably swam less today. Carb up for tomorrow and resting. 1st 18 miles, just 10k more to 26.2 marathon distance!

Also let my brother know that I'm planning on doing a 70.3 half-ironman this summer and he offered to help my training by 'beating your [my] legs for 10 hours to train?'.
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