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St. Louis Based 'triathlete' used to train crossfit/SEALfit for 2-3 2011 was introduced and fallen in love with sport of triathlon. On top I also have practiced kendo since about 2004, as well as Tang Soo Do, aikido, and tai chi all since 2011. If you'd like to join me for training session or laugh at how slow I usually am please feel free to contact me. Thanks for visit!

Sandmine/cave run then quick TSD forms and partner stretching

MarkChaoby MarkChaoFeb 25th 2012
Thankfully Nam Nguyen was on top of it this morning when he woke me up with knock on my door. I was wondering who the f--- was knocking on my door on a Saturday morning at 7:30am, then I realized, oh crap! Sandmine/cave run challenge! It was relatively easy for myself and I was in absolutely no rush at all so I did intervals during the run so I wouldn't be too far from Nam who was suffering from hot dog 45mins before race (Sorry!). Afternoon consisted of Dan Mcfarlane correcting forms in impromptu practice and right after partner stretching with help of Nina Cheong. Probably the most painful experience I've had in long, long time as Dan and Nina seemed to enjoy my pain. Though I do admit it felt pretty good right after and just shows I'm not pushing myself on stretches!
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