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St. Louis Based 'triathlete' used to train crossfit/SEALfit for 2-3 2011 was introduced and fallen in love with sport of triathlon. On top I also have practiced kendo since about 2004, as well as Tang Soo Do, aikido, and tai chi all since 2011. If you'd like to join me for training session or laugh at how slow I usually am please feel free to contact me. Thanks for visit!

Short swim/TSD

MarkChaoby MarkChaoFeb 20th 2012
Did quick and easy swim exercise of some basic kick, stroke, and mostly pulling but probably did only about 800m of swimming due to still being gassed from Sunday's 20.42 mile run. TSD practice was ok as well but anytime put most weight on right foot had quite bit of pain shoot up. Also Nam don't worry about your crappy swim stroke! I was just as bad last year and all it takes is practice/exposure
Tags: injury, nam, pain, swim, tsd
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