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St. Louis Based 'triathlete' used to train crossfit/SEALfit for 2-3 2011 was introduced and fallen in love with sport of triathlon. On top I also have practiced kendo since about 2004, as well as Tang Soo Do, aikido, and tai chi all since 2011. If you'd like to join me for training session or laugh at how slow I usually am please feel free to contact me. Thanks for visit!

Swim and double flats....

MarkChaoby MarkChaoMay 19th 2012
Did my 2nd open water swim workout of about 1000m around a lake twice. Really, really need to work on it for 70.3 ironman in about 3 weeks as I swam I'd say about 70-80% of the time breast because using free I tend to veer and zig zag a lot and am very poor at sighting. Planned on a 40 mile bike ride through very flat fields but 2 flat tires and no spare inner tube cut it to about 400m at most. At least got a good workout from furniture shopping and moving!
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