My First Ironman
I decided to do the 2013 Ironman Louisville as my first long course race. This blog serves as my diary to capture training highlights and struggles along the way. Race day is 25 Aug 13.

Based on my experience at the half-iron distance and borrowing liberally from Don Fink's "Be Iron Fit", I have developed a 30 week training program to get me to Louisville.

Week 29 - 12 Aug

Mojorad2009by Mojorad2009Aug 12th 2013
Mon - rest day; fever came back
Tues - slight fever, no energy
Wed - final recovery day
Thurs - finally back to work, 70 spin, starting slow
Fri - 3000 yd swim; 6 mi run
Sat - 40 mi bike
Sun - 10 mi run

Can't believe I got sick in the penultimate week of training. Trying not to freak out. At least I was able to get back to the bike on Thurs. Confidence returning after 3000 yd swim. Ready to try my run this afternoon.

Started packing list and timeline for race weekend. Getting excited to head to Louisville. Last long swim - done. Last long bike - done. Last long run - done. Ready to taper this week and then race on Sun!
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