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Notes From A Wannabee Ironman
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Cold Turkey

NoEpoby NoEpoJul 30th 2009
Day 2! Well its withdrawal time, and its fair to say its a little bit hard.
Thanks for the Message, I think it was from Bryn, nice words mate and all the best to you. I have not figured how to reply directly to a comment, so any tips?

Hard cycle today, only an hour, but hilly as hell, will put stats in soon.

Thats all for today
NoEpoby NoEpo Jul 29th 2009
Here it is folks, my first blog post, well on this site anyway. Do not have much to say at the Mo, apart from I have finally let go of the discusting habit I have had for far to many years, yes smoking, today and hopefully for the rest of my life, t...
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