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Do or do not...
I've never had enough energy to do as much exercise as I wanted to, all this changed in Feb 2012 and I started to believe that completing a triathlon wasn't impossible.

Bath Endurance Weekend

NotANinjaby NotANinjaSep 4th 2013
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Monster Duathlon
NotANinjaby NotANinja Jul 5th 2012
Saturday I went to visit my cousin in Manchester and she introduced me to Parkrun 5k races on Saturday Mornings. She insisted I'd manage a personal best and she was right 28:18 :) On Sunday we ran to the swimming pool and after warming up with some...
My first Triathlon
NotANinjaby NotANinja Jun 25th 2012
Yesterday I took part in my first ever triathlon (City of Bath Sprint). I'd heard that you were supposed to rest for a week before the race so I'd managed to force my self to not exercise up until Friday when I realised the lack of endorphins was ma...
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